The principle worth noting Russia Phone Number here is one, simple and easy to operate. Step 3: build a self-operating team. Architecture i have tested a lot of self-operated group systems, but here i only recommend the system that. I think is the most Russia Phone Number stable: 1 coordinator, 1 team leader, 3-5 team members, 1-2 group management; the coordinators, to put it bluntly, are their own people. They are mainly responsible for bringing the rhythm of the. Operation team on track in the early stage, issuing official tasks and coordinating some contradictions. The identity of the coordinators is equal to or even above the team leader.

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The team leader, the role Russia Phone Number of the. Team leader is to coordinate and coordinate, such as organizing weekly meetings, supervising everyone. To complete their work, and issuing official tasks. Team members, the role of team members is to participate. In the output of the core operations of the community. Group management, in fact, group management is Russia Phone Number also a type of group members, but group management has more daily time and can be more devoted. To maintaining the community. After the system is built, you can find that no matter if someone quits or is. Too busy to perform the task, other people can make up for it in time, so the stability of this system is.

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Extremely high, and it is far Russia Phone Number from a single group management. Incomparable. Step 4: design the incentive. System of the operation team and the recruitment of members when we have built the general framework, the core question comes, why  Russia Phone Number do the members of the operation team do this for us, the answer here is. Obvious, only “interest”. According to the case experience i have dealt with, there are generally two types. Of “interests” of this type: the first type, if the company is very appealing in the industry, it can design. More “interests” related to the sense of honor and personal growth; in the second category, if the enterprise. Is only a small enterprise, it needs to design more “benefits” on material things.

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