The blogosphere is like a city at night. The main streets are very well lit. In them. You can see perfectly the details of the shop windows. However,  Like the writer’s blogs that have a lot of traffic.
In the secondaries. Sometimes Egypt Phone Numbers a bulb has burned out and there is a darker area. Or the pavement is up and you have to look at the ground. Or. Sometimes. Even the trees are neglected and their branches obscure the details of the buildings.
There are peripheral neighborhoods in which public lighting is conspicuous by its absence. at the cries of neighbors asking for it.
Don’t kid yourself: unless you’re a bestseller. However,  Your writer’s blog is a suburban bookstore.
To be able to sell books. You have two options:
• you move to one of the main streets: because you have a lot of money or because you have won the lottery. That is. You invest a lot in facebook ads every day (doing it well).
• you put a spotlight on the door of your bookstore so that it can be seen and you paint and decorate it so that it stands out from the rest of the houses.

Without the rest of the city flinching

The first case is complicated. We writers are usually poor as rats and investing a large budget in advertising is not usually in our hands.
The second takes work. However, v It’s up to you. However,  I have opted for the second option: if my bookstore is beautiful and original. It will attract attention and. Little by little. Word of mouth will do the rest.
Maybe .  However, I told myself in 2008. If I work hard to always offer original and eye-catching content. In a few years I will be able to move to one of the illuminated streets. And here I am. Living from what I write.
How do you put a spotlight on the door of a writer’s blog?
Basically.  However, There are four things that put the spotlight on your door. Succeeding with a
The content of your blog
When you write content for your writer’s blog. However,  Every word matters. They will judge you for that content and that will be what hooks them or makes them flee for legs. Starting with the title. The title must be impressive. It must attract attention. Intrigue.
Let’s take an example: I’m a young fantasy author and I want to talk about the latest novel of that genre that I’ve read and which. However,  By the way. I loved. I can title it: “Review of the novel x. By fulanito de tal” or “The best young adult fantasy reading of the month x”. Which of the two titles would you open? It seems to me that we understand each other.

Egypt Phone Numbers

That is called copywriting. However,  But. Ana.  However,  Another word in english? Jaume talks to you at length about the subject in this post . But I’m going to summarize the idea for you.
In the example above.  However, The second headline is infinitely more enticing. Why? Because we have used curiosity as a hook. Human beings are nosy by nature and we need to know how things end. We need closure. It is what forces us to continue reading one more chapter after a cliffhanger.
In addition to gossiping. However,   emotions. However,  We are passionate. Even if we are not aware of them. That. So simple and at the same time so complex. Is the basis of copywriting. A copywriter is an editor who writes captivating texts to sell.
Don’t turn up your nose saying.  However, “I’m a writer. Not a publicist.”
I know great writers who were great copywriters at the same time. In fact. Most of the best sellers are.  However, Being able to touch the emotions of the reader to take him by the hand to buy your book is something that every good writer should carry in his backpack.

We tend to act guided by

Because the emotions of the readers are going to be that lantern that illuminates the door of your blog. Negative emotions: guilt. However,  Fear. Anger. Suffering. Disappointment. Greed… all of them high intensity emotions.
Negative emotions: guilt. However, b Fear. Anger. Suffering. Disappointment. Greed…all high intensity emotions. An example of good use is this post by excentrya: 4 ways to screw Fame. Self-improvement. Confidence… All those
But if you look closely. All three have something in common: they are useful. They add value to the reader. If. In addition. The content is easy to understand and with links to other sites. Rest assured that it will be shared naturally. No tricks.
By the way. Do you share this post? (wink. Wink).


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