conduct a hot debrief, and provide a post-test questionnaire. Take care of the restitution Several modes of restitution are possible: complete (with full support – by agencies), or simple (the positive or negative points, specifying the blocking points and others more neutral, and ergonomic and functional modification recommendations) . user-test (1) And now ? We hope we have convinced you of the need for user testing in UX design . You now have the necessary bases to consider and implement them. Rest assured: they will bring Netherlands Phone Number List efficiency and relevance to your project . The user experience is key! Adapt the method to the stages of your project. And allow room to iterate after testing. Even if it means re-testing to make sure you haven’t made a mistake! And if you still have doubts about what to do next, call in the experts !


The formatting of content can also play an important role in the understanding of information by search engines. Then use bulleted lists, paragraphs and tables. For your site to be ready to respond effectively to the expectations of voice search , it is therefore essential to optimize it if, however, your target customers, your sector of activity and the traffic potential that it can bring to it represents a real opportunity. . To study these strategic aspects applied specifically to your situation, our team is at your disposal. atomic-design (1) When to set up an Atomic Design System? Obviously, this new concept benefits from being implemented from the start of the project , because it will facilitate its success and completion. However, one can imagine remodeling one or more existing sites by using it.

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This is particularly interesting in the case of a redesign that will impact several sites and / or several interfaces, within an extended organization. This concept is well documented on the Web, and moreover takes all its value when it comes to implementing design systems . The Atomic Design System uses the principle of components to build a library of elements, visuals and principles of interaction with reusable code. It is a UX / UI repository intended for all designers / developers in an organization and streamlines the application of a “digital charter”. We remain at your disposal to help you deploy such UX / UI

Amazon, which is one of the pioneers in the field. Of course, its French competitor (Fnac not to mention it) did the same, in particular on the purchase tunnel which was often singled out on social networks. The test users helped further improve the relevance of search engine as on the performance aspects of the suggestion semantics , product classification and content and of course the product page. Even if we recommend that doing user tests be useful for all the web projects that you can set up, it is ESSENTIAL to do them on an e-commerce site to avoid going to the “pipe breaker”. It is also essential to carry them out throughout the life of a digital project: do not hesitate to read the article “when to do user tests?” ! user-test User tests beyond ergonomic issues We often hear that performing user tests allows us to test the ergonomics of the site .

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It is true, but it remains as restrictive as to say that your smartphone is used to make calls while omitting all the possibilities that are offered alongside. The user tests allow for example to ensure that the proposed features are consistent with those expected by the site user and possibly identify new needs for your site. However, the user testing process requires a preliminary audit process , at least the constitution of personas and user journeys which remain decisive in the profiles that will be recruited for the test protocols to be put in place. This target analysis process allows you to specify the recruitment, and the test protocol (the hypotheses to be tested and the objectives).

In conclusion, user tests do not only make it possible to detect points of improvement concerning ergonomics or even graphics. They make it possible to cover several dimensions of the project such as the perception and usability of the desired “product” and thus validate its functional relevance. The place of user tests to make the best choices beyond internal discrepancies Many of the projects carried out are followed by teams who invest themselves with passion, often triggering divergences, even sometimes profound disagreements on the way in which the web project should be understood. Stormy discussions are unfortunately sometimes topical and can degenerate as long as there are strategic objectives behind that can impact one or more services.

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