Many people mistakenly think that getting a good site ranking is a one-time job. You just need to hire a digital agency to fix your business website. And abracadabra, you are immediately placed in the top positions of Google … ad vitam æternam. What a mistake ! You know as Greece Email List as I do that Rome was not built in a day. Well… it’s the same with Natural Referencing (SEO). Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to get your website well listed once and for all. In fact, optimizing your SEO is a daily job to be truly effective. But don’t panic, it’s stupid, even if “you didn’t know anything about it”. Today, Lola Beriou from cocolyze gives you the 3 points to watch daily to stay at the top of the results page .

Let’s go for a thorough review of good SEO oversight! Contents [ display ] 1. Competitors’ positions SEO monitoring – Competitor positions The Internet is a merciless world where the merciless law of the jungle reigns … Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, if not a lot in fact. However, it is true that the competition is stiff. You must always be on the alert so as not to get passed. Did you know that : 60% of Google users are only interested in the first 3 results (source abundance ), And 91% do not go beyond the 1st page of results (source Moderator’s Blog ) In addition, the number of sites, and therefore potential competitors, is increasing every day.


The More Other Sites Talk About You, The Better Your Seo

You have to be careful about it. SEO monitoring of your competitors and their positions should be part of your morning routine. Every morning, analyze these 3 SEO indicators: On which keywords are positioning your competitors, What places do they occupy on the keywords you are targeting, What is the average position on all of these keywords … And compare them with your own results . SEO monitoring – compare the positions of your competitors with your own results Their positions and your positions change every day according to different criteria of Google’s algorithm.


You must therefore be very vigilant and check your respective situations daily to stand out from the competition. Note : to do this, choose your software specially dedicated to the daily monitoring of your site. 2. Monitor the quality of your website and its content Monitor the quality of your website and its content Now you know if your competitors have overtaken you on a particular keyword. So how do you go about overtaking them again? Because yes, knowing the positions of your competitors is good, but knowing how to overtake them is even better! As said before, your respective positions change every day and you have to pay attention to them. The status of your referencing is constantly recalculated based on certain data.


Conclusion On Optimizing Your Daily Seo Monitoring

Indeed, without this SEO oversight, you can quickly drop down in search engine rankings. Why are your positions changing every day? The referencing of your company’s website is done, among other things, according to 2 criteria: The technical performance of your website, The variety and quality of your content. Let’s take a look at these 2 factors. The technical construction of your website The more it is optimized, the more easily you will climb to the top of the results. The technical characteristics to be monitored as a priority are among others: The page loading speed, Readability on the phone, The existence of “metadata” on your pages and images.

The variety and quality of your web content Indeed, the content that you publish on your site must be varied and adapted to your target . Here are a few tips : Don’t repeat yourself too much, Be consistent with the chosen keywords, Choose your keywords based on your product and / or service offering. If you are drying up and don’t know what terms to use, use a keyword generator like UberSuggest . For example, the table below analyzes the keywords of your competitors. Thus, you will be able to draw inspiration from it to classify your own content. Analyze your competitors’ keywords for inspiration Search engines are constantly analyzing this data and that of your competitors to find out which places to give you in their ranking.

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