provide business data, an Artistic Director who must produce a charter, developers who must integrate functionalities, … And as in any project, the start of a stage of the project is conditioned by the completion of another, any delay / delay, incompleteness of a step endangers the planning. Sometimes with cascading delays. Identifying precisely USA Phone Number List is responsible for which task , which deliverable, in a document shared by all, with a digital project manager who really plays his role of “guard chiourme” is one of the means of # 7.


The test and acceptance load is correctly dimensioned It is well known, the recipe is long, tedious, and not fun. Whether you are in an agile or waterfall project, you have to allow the time necessary to verify what has been delivered. And always tell yourself that you have underestimated. For a project with 20 days of development, allow 20 days of receipt. Minimum. After, of course, everything depends on your speed to test and the reactivity of the developers to correct … And always provide a safety margin. A recipe overflows, often … # 8.

Black On White The Mantra Of Project Management

In the event of an overhaul, the recovery of the existing (data, content) is an integral part of the digital project The recovery of the existing (data, content) is an integral part of the projectDon’t say to yourself, the contents, “we’ll take care of that at the end”. First, because the content is the sinews of war. This is what makes your SEO, determines how your users feel and their satisfaction. Then, because it is your content that must determine the shape and rendering of your project. And not the “whaouah!” that you want to give. But, beyond even the content, in a redesign project, what should concern you is the recovery of what already exists!

If you have launched an overhaul, it is because your data structure (among other things) must evolve, that you change the software base, … How to guarantee the permanence of data, of a customer base, of a product history (…) despite a migration? The recovery of the existing is a project within the project , and it is often one of the causes of overflow, precisely because it is very very difficult to correctly tuck all the recovery tasks. Allow time and margin, adopt an agile approach when taking over an existing one and be responsive! # 9. SEO and editorial are planned from the start of the project As we have seen, in internet project management , the technical implementation phase is only the tip of the iceberg.

Coordination Between The Client Who Must

The definition of your content strategy is the first stone of a Web project. What are you going to talk about, for whom, for what purpose and with what means? Do not neglect this step, it is what conditions the satisfaction of your users. And also determines the success of your SEO strategy . Also, editorial and referencing are two sub-projects to integrate well upstream and which should not be worried at the end, at the risk of big disappointments in the final quality of the digital project ! And many unforeseen adjustments to be made. # 10.

The first upload is only one stage of the project Go back and try again !Finally, adopt the “beta ” approach : assume that putting your digital project online is only a first step in the life of your project and that all your efforts (and your budget) should not be exclusively stretched towards this fateful date. We must anticipate the aftermath, V2, optimizations after feedback from the first users, performance optimization, statistical analysis, corrective maintenance follow-up, the implementation of AB testing tools to guarantee the success of your digital project … Do all these rules seem obvious to you? So much the better. Know how to apply them with the greatest rigor, it is the source of the success of your project, one of the greatest methods of web project management .

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