In the retail family, after the Drive-to-store , here is the Return-to-store. “Return” because distributors need to bring consumers back to their points of sale . Especially the non food. In this area, the impact of the Congo Email List has been extreme . While the announcement was made yesterday of a third return to (almost) normal, Stéphane Bernal , e-Data Director at ADLPerformance , explained to Visionary Marketing how to use SMS to bring consumers back to the store .

This is the perfect example of the newcomer on Twitter: he has not yet had time to familiarize himself with the concept, his profile is incomplete or even nonexistent and he only tweets occasionally. He is of course recognizable thanks to Twitter’s default profile picture, a white egg on a blue background. Unless you know the owner of this account personally and want to offer him one more Follower, he is not (yet) an interesting account to follow.

Traders Have Suffered Greatly During This Period Of Confinement.

Traders, especially those in the non-food sector, whether they are car dealerships, clothing sellers, furniture sellers, all these sectors which closed for two and a half months, now need to bring people back to the store. Return-to-Store, in good French, means “to bring customers back to points of sale”. In our opinion, SMS seems to us to be the ideal solution to achieve this .

Congo Email List

If you want your business to look good on Twitter you can always contact our social media marketing agency!The interest in following this type of account is totally subjective and will depend on the nature of the person and their bio.If he shares content related to your areas of interest, this is certainly a profile to follow closely.

Sms Offers A Very Practical Local Targeting Facility To Get People To Stores

We have a data repository (called DataMatch) made up of 30 million individuals and in particular 16 million mobile opt-in partners , that is to say for which the agreement has been obtained to send a message. ditor’s note, shipments can be stopped by responding STOP and this action removes the mobile user from all campaigns, Stéphane Bernal assured us]

We also have the postal address where mobile users reside, which will make it possible to target prospects. An essential activity because B2B companies lose between 5% and 15% of their customers each … in a catchment area very close to the point of sale (100, 200 or 500 meters around the point of sale), they will thus be able to travel to benefit from the offer.

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