Awarding points. You do this on the basis Hong Kong Phone Number of explicit and implicit criteria. The difference: Explicit criteria are data that says something about the lead itself. Think of: Job title Industry Sex Age Company size Implicit criteria are data Hong Kong Phone Number that says something about the interactions the lead has had, for example with you: Website Hong Kong Phone Number social media emails In predictive lead scoring, algorithms determine which leads are interesting. This is done through historical and active data. Marketing automation tools also use predictive models to identify which leads are most likely to convert. This way you really make a life of your sales.

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Waste less time on leads that are not yet Hong Kong Phone Number worth the investment. So definitely keep an eye on this trend. With the rapid technological developments, algorithms are also getting better. And therefore even more accurate in identifying valuable Hong Kong Phone Number leads. Trend 3: Cross-channel personalization Personalization will play a greater role in all facets Hong Kong Phone Number of marketing, but marketing automation will still take the cake. Especially because you can go cross channel with this marketing form . 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that recognize them, remember them and provide them with relevant information.

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Addressing these consumers in Hong Kong Phone Number in a personalized way on every possible channel. In a society where about 77% of the inhabitants have a device with internet (pdf), there are many ways to get in touch with your target group. Think of social media, email, paid Hong Kong Phone Number and organic channels. Take a good approach to personalization and you will hit your potential consumer at the right time via the right channel with the right message. For example, consider Hong Kong Phone Number the following four possibilities of cross-channel personalization. Option 1: Offer a discount coupon on your website, based on a viewed product or service Show the same coupon on.

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