This article talks about the three stages of industry SaaS, in fact. About how SaaS Entrepreneurship industry SaaS companies will develop in the future.

When we start a business, we need to think clearly. In the past three years, I have contacted nearly 300 SaaS companies, most of which are industry SaaS companies. There are also general SaaS Entrepreneurship SaaS companies, but most of the market windows have been closed. Among the SaaS companies in these industries, I see that some companies have already achieved the second level I mentioned below. What will happen in the future? What will the third level look like? What is a core factor throughout? I will give you a long-term plan of development strategy.

The first level: first use the tool SaaS to occupy the market

To do industry SaaS, we must first rely on a tool SaaS to occupy the market. No matter which market segment it is, we need to create a good, high-quality SaaS tool that is easy Afghanistan Phone Number for customers to use to gain a certain market share. Get a certain number of customers. It is of course the best to be the industry number one in a certain field, and the market position of “industry number one” will be very valuable.

Whether it’s a tier 1 or 2 market, SaaS companies that rank first and second will be very valuable, and the chances of being third and fourth are slim. As I said in the last lecture, first cut down the market segments. This will be a more secure way for long-term development in the future.

Level 2: Increase customer stickiness through value-added services and develop into commercial SaaS

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Value-added business is not only as simple as a company’s value-added income, but it can also better bind customers. For example, to provide centralized supply and serve customers from the perspective of supply chain; for example, to use financial methods and mobile payment methods to better stick customers to your products. If you can further stick your customers’ customers into your products, and we form a network, of course it will be better.

The third level: the formation of a two-sided market

Many companies have not yet seen this level. By getting in-depth contact with domestic SaaS companies and some foreign SaaS companies, I expect this to be a more important and imaginative stage.

The SaaS system is a very important system for the customer’s business. And the SaaS company will inevitably, sooner or later, intervene in the customer’s entire business. At this time, it is possible to have bilateral effects and further network effects. For example, Didi has taxi drivers and car drivers on one side. And a large number of ride-hailing users on the other.

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