Know that standing out from the competition is essential, whatever the sector of activity, to win new customers and increase turnover. My advice : do not hesitate to draw inspiration from the publications of influencers in your sector and your Gibraltar Email List on social networks, to write your meta-descriptions. Also, get inspiration from the shares that work best on your social networks. Note : when you update your content, also update their meta-descriptions and re-share them on social networks to get even more visibility and generate traffic.

Is your eyes on the web and allows you to adjust your SEO strategy practically in real time. For the more informed, it can even be coupled with Google Analytics or Google Data Studio to obtain even more information, but also with Google Ads to optimize your online advertising campaigns. Many templates exist on the web with a preference for the Can You Seo Me dashboard which allows you to know which pages have the most impressions and clicks, the evolution of referencing over time and especially what are the keywords that ‘you have to work.


The Promise Is Not Understandable At A Glance

Conclusion on Google Search Console, the essential tool to improve your SEO Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google that bundles a number of tools and reports to optimize their websites for Google search. This is an updated version of what used to be called Google Webmaster Tools. Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google that helps analyze, maintain, and improve your site’s presence in the SERPs. Of course, Search Console is not required to be present in Google search results. However, it does help you understand and improve the way Google perceives your website.


Finally, you can be sure that a good SEO strategy is partly based on Google Search Console. By using it regularly , you dynamically and nimbly adjust the natural referencing of your company’s website. It gives interactivity, i.e. the time between the user’s first interaction with a page and the browser’s response to this interaction, Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) . It is an estimate of the movement of the elements present in the display window. All of these parameters can be easily analyzed on PageSpeed ​​Insights . To do this, all you need to do is enter the URL to examine to obtain a detailed report on the performance of your site, on computer and on mobile.


 The Prospect’s Frustrations Are Underused

And directly, you have access to the “Performance” box with a summary of the 3 essential data over the last 28 days. For further analysis, click on “Statistics” in the left menu. Just scroll down to see all the data you can get! Search method of your establishment Search method of your establishment How do users search for your business? The answers to this question will help you make better marketing decisions! In the “Performance” box, there are 3 statistics on: “Views”, “Research” “Activity”.

When you click “Searches”, a panel displays data related to direct and discovery searches. My advice : to access this data in graphical form, click on “Insights” in the left menu to display the previous image. Direct searches Direct searches are searches performed directly on Google. In other words, someone directly enters your business name or business address into the search engine. Note : People who do direct searches are usually already familiar with your business.

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