The year 2021 is fast approaching and the time has come for companies and web professionals to rethink their strategy to stay on top of performance. Indeed, the end of a year is a privileged moment to take up new habits and take stock of the novelties in order to integrate them into your digital strategy! In this article, paid SEO is the focus: best practices, Bhutan Email List and flagship formats, discover the SEA trends to follow to get 2021 off to a good start. Focus on automation While the advertising landscape is changing, so too are consumers and their behavior.

In this, it has become difficult to effectively anticipate the user journey of the targets that we are trying to reach. This is why more and more advertisers are turning to the automation of SEA campaigns , in particular via Dynamic Search Ads or Google’s DSA campaigns . First, this practice saves time on repetitive tasks related to campaign setup and therefore saves valuable resources that can be reinvested in tasks that actually require human intervention. Second, the use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to achieve unique and particularly relevant targeting that could hardly have been envisaged without the help of automation.


Focus On Automation

However, to function optimally, these automated campaigns must be able to be based on clear and perfectly structured data, which is not always the case for small advertisers who would be tempted to opt for automation to maximize their ROI and limit their spending. Focus on local SEO Admittedly, the year 2020 was not a great vintage for physical outlets. However, there is no question of abandoning the drive-to-store in your digital strategy. The constraints linked to the health crisis have had the impact of pushing the points of sale to reinvent their function.


In particular by promoting take-out and click & collect . takeaway To do this, offline conversions must be upgraded, and this approach involves the implementation of ROPO (Research Online / Purchase Offline) strategies , in particular through geolocated campaigns broadcast on the Maps, Search, Display and even Youtube networks. Diversify formats New year, new look for your SEA campaigns! Take a tour of the formats, new or not, that bring dynamism to your web presence and allow you to reach your audiences in new ways. Here are a few : Are you familiar with Google Gallery ads ? This format allows a classic Search ad to be displayed at the top of search results, except that it includes a selection of “swipeable” images with a CTA button that maximize user engagement.


Focus On Local Seo

Independent of Search, Google’s Discovery campaigns reach 2.9 billion Internet users at the most opportune times, while they are browsing content. These ads can be shown on YouTube in the Home and Videos to Watch Next sections, in the “Social Networks” and “Promotions” tabs in Gmail, and in the Discovery section of the Google application. You may already be familiar with Google Shopping, but have you adopted Showcase Shopping ads ? By showing a selection of related products in a single ad, this format is ideal for gaining the attention of undecided users on Search, Discover, and YouTube feeds.

Use an agency Advertisers, if the question “Should I manage my SEA internally or use an agency?” persists as 2021 arrives, maybe now is the time to respond. Entrusting the creation and management of its paid referencing campaigns to a specialized agency, it is to reduce your internal workload to focus on your areas of expertise and the development of your business strategy, while benefiting from the know-how of SEA experts who will be able to put the strengths of this lever at the service of your performance. Of course, it is essential to choose an agency that understands all of your challenges and is able to deploy a 360 ° solution to meet them.

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