Language Union and Language Stories  Our Iran Phone Number Language Our Language is not just the place to go for good advice about Dutch. The 88-year-old magazine offers detailed information about the history and current affairs of Dutch every month. This year there Iran Phone Number is extra attention for which words are and which are no longer ‘can’. Our Language is also prominently present on Twitter and Instagram . 11. Radio and Podcasts Not to be missed: every Saturday, the Dutch Iran Phone Number radio icon Frits Spits presents his language program De Taalstaat from eleven to one on NPO Radio 1. You can also listen to it as a podcas.

Speaking Iran Phone Number of podcasts

Hardly any specifically for Dutch. Maria Punch’s word value is highly recommended (see also the predecessor Alles is taal  Follow people Yes, some Iran Phone Number people are simply very inspiring. Paulien Cornelisse for example. On her site you will find ‘Language for fun’ in podcast form. And let me not forget Wim  the frequent writer and comedian you hear Iran Phone Number and see in just about all media. do you tweet? I’ve listed a number of worthy linguists in this list , along Iran Phone Number with many of the agencies mentioned in this article. Looking across the border As a Dutch person, do not focus on the Netherlands.

Iran Phone Number

Most  Iran Phone Number Belgians

Surinamese also speak Dutch. Also follow the Iran Phone Number media from those countries. VRTtaal is a good starting point for Belgium . For an enlightening and refreshing look at your own language, you can also contact the Taaltelefoon and Language Stories . Writing Iran Phone Number This article includes the tag ‘Writing’ . That tag has the advantage that it does not contain endless articles on Frankwatching, so you can read them all! Other recommendations include Writing Online Iran Phone Number and (the newsletter of) Writing Fish . 15. Exercise Learning also gives you a sharper brain, so if you want to keep up with your Dutch, take a look at the training courses.

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