Or employees leave because they are not challenged enough to run into the same barriers at their new employer. Formal UK Phone Number whatever name they are conducte. o not appear to be the place where the real conversation takes place. The conversation is often an extra barrier to challenging, interesting work in which professionals can do their best work. Feedback is a thing of the past A key phrase in the book in my opinion is: Feedback was, reflection is. In other words, feedback is often a judgment based on past events.

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This is discusse in the present in a one-way conversation. In which the feedback giver only judges and the receiver has to make up for it. Hatzmann contrasts this with the phenomenon of reflection. In which the discussion partners work together to see what can be done better in the future. And how that can be achieve in a series of conversations. Also read: How do you handle the confrontation? 3 starting points for a pleasant conversation In the table comparing feedback and reflection, both are somewhat caricature.

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Feedback has its value and can definitely help you improve as a professional. But the point is valid: in career conversations you prefer not to discuss that a customer criticized your approach a month ago (you just resolve that when it occurs). Together you look at what you need to deliver results that you both have in mind. The ratio of assessor and assessed in a performance interview The disadvantage of formal career conversations is that there seems to be a kind of script for it, in which you as an employee hear what someone thinks.

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