By doing this, the company inspires other brands to develop strategies with real people. A video with your team thanking customers for the partnership throughout the year, for example, could be a good alternative.

See what you and your friends have in common

A feature present in this year’s spotify wrapped is the use of common jargon and highly searched terms in search engines. This increases the user’s sense of proximity to the brand, and by sharing the content, the company gets even more free publicity.

Other spotify wrapped news supporting this was the launch of 2021 wrapped blend , a feature that allows a user to see how their 2021 music tastes match up with their friends, stream their combined playlist, and share their results Iran WhatsApp Number List on social media. . Another good incentive for the growth of the interaction of people with the content of the brand.

Spreading the word: sharing on social networks

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Like the numbers of the digital market, the exponential growth in. The the use of the tiktok platform could not go unnoticed by spotify. In addition to the snapchat, twitter, instagram and facebook channels, this year the user can share each spotify wrapped slider on tiktok.

With this feature, the company demonstrates that it follows. The market trends and invests its strategies through different channels, albeit indirectly. A reminder that new channels can be sources of good opportunities.

Music, marketing and data
After a few years of following this action, we are happy to share insights. Theon why spotify wrapped is a success, not only with its users, but also as a complete marketing strategy to collect, present. The and share data organically and with free advertising.

I hope yo also inspired by spotify’s strategies and can replicate some of our advice in your own business.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about music, spotify, the beatles, marketing, or this article.

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