Embedding popups or advertisements that interfere with navigation on your business site is therefore a bad idea. This sends Google the following message: “this site is not of good quality”. My advice : no popups or intrusive advertisements on your UAE Email List website. A priori, if your source of income is based exclusively on advertising, follow the rules of the art. Over-optimization of the site This criterion includes the fact of stuffing keywords on a page, its “Title” tag or its meta-description… Roughly speaking, anything that openly tries to rig the system. It is also bad for your readers.

My advice : write your content naturally, following best practices , but never over-optimizing. The presence of advertisements at the top of the page SEO penalty – The presence of ads at the top of the page Google also penalizes sites on which there are top-of-page ads and little content across the page. The Google “ Page Layout ” algorithm is responsible for analyzing the layout of your content and possibly penalizing you if you have this kind of practice. My advice : avoid advertising on your business site. Publishing web content is the best way to show your expertise.


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And you run advertising, put it below the waterline. Hidden affiliate links If you do decide to include affiliate links on your business site, although it is often unattractive, don’t try to cover them up in any way. This practice is also penalized by Google. Sooner or later it results in your website being downgraded. The presence of affiliate links In addition to the previous criterion, be aware that Google does not like affiliate links, in general. Indeed, this type of links are not “natural”, since they are paid or remunerated. Google always favors everything that is authentic, useful, natural.


My advice : Avoid affiliate links unless it’s part of your business model. In this case, let your users know how you are making money. The presence of automatically generated content You may not have known, but it is possible to generate content automatically. For example, you can create millions of different pages, by “mixing” slightly different data on each page. I think Cartes de France works on this principle. A database containing a great deal of information, coupled with an intelligent algorithm which produces sentences automatically, generates thousands of pages automatically.


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My advice: If it’s done in a smart and useful way for the Internet user, so much the better (this is the case for Cartes de France, example taken above). But if it’s too flashy and of little use, Google will sanction you. PageRank optimization PageRank is the popularity level of a page and / or a website. However, since 2016, Google no longer publishes the PageRank of a content. It is therefore no longer possible to know him today. Some private companies (Moz, Majestic SEO…) try to guess this with their own indicators (quote flow, trust flow, Domain authority, page authority).

Anyway, there are techniques to artificially boost your PageRank. For example, make all the outgoing links of your site in “no-follow” to avoid a loss of your own PageRank. My advice : to be clear, the game is not worth the candle. The IP of the server hosting your website flagged as spammer If your hosting server is identified as a “spammer” by Google, your business site will rank lower. My advice : watch out for sites hosted on shared servers with little known or unprofessional hosts. Better to choose a well-established web host like o2switch, or even invest in a dedicated server to be sure you’re the only one on the server. If you are flagged as a spammer, then you will know who is responsible.

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