You can use SEMRush , or Google keyword planner, to find out, for each of your target keywords, the search volumes and the level of competition. Thus, you assess the level of effort to invest to position yourself on a keyword compared to the Turkey Email List it could bring you. After doing this analysis, audit your own website. The objective is to visualize the pages with the greatest potential: visit rate, bounce, positioning in search engines … These pages are the foundation of your semantic cocoon and the reference pages of the thematic silos.

Once these have been identified, start writing the reference pages, adding density (at least 2000 words) and a few internal links in order to promote networking. Content, at the heart of an SEO strategy Content, at the heart of an SEO strategy Content Marketing remains at the heart of any SEO strategy. Whatever strategy is chosen, it is essential to have quality content that respects the rules of web writing. You must therefore take the time to think about the tree structure that will structure your site, then create your pages by enriching them with different content formats.


Reminders On Keywords: Relevant And Specific To Each Page

The more formats Google finds, the more it appreciates your site and its content. Also, do not hesitate to integrate infographics, videos, quizzes … Diversify your approaches, your Internet users will appreciate it just as much. If you need some ideas to get started or to polish your strategy, here are 5 ways to boost your content marketing , that’s great right? Audrey: thank you Antoine. I will add that the semantic cocoon must be based on the needs of your users since it is their requests that define the tree structure.


Conclusion: the semantic cocoon, an essential technique With Google making its algorithm more complex on a regular basis, it is essential to capitalize on new SEO techniques to maintain sales in your professional activity. Natural referencing uses many techniques, including the SEO cocoon to take advantage of the categorization of pages, increasingly valued by Google. From the semantic cocoon are born the silos, which help you to order your pages, and make you gain depth with a site map that works in an incremental and thematic way.


What Tools Do You Use To Verify That You Have Chosen The Correct Keyword?

To bring your cocoon to life, you need to put in place a content strategy within your SEO strategy. These are the contents that will: Bring your pages to life, Be read by your Internet users, And taken into account by search engines. The links between the different pages dealing with the same theme create a space in which the user can find everything he needs. Indeed, a visitor to a specific page directly accesses links that point to sister pages, child pages or the reference page of the theme consulted. This is why, with a “cocoon” is well designed, you gradually answer all the questions that are being asked. For those who have questions about the reference pages, I direct you to my article on the so-called “cornerstone” pages which is a related topic highlighted by Yoast.

With a tailor-made strategy, you capitalize on the strengths of your company and its uniqueness to stand out among your competition on and outside of search engines. Indeed, the objectives of one company to another diverge, even if they are present in the same sector of activity: Increase the conversion rate, Limit dependence on your brand name, Take advantage of seasonality, Improve your reputation, Change your brand image … To evaluate the results with the greatest finesse, it is necessary to agree on the data to be measured .

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