Configure the permalink structure 6 Tips to Quickly Improve the SEO of Your SME Site FYI, “permalink” is the contraction of the words “permanent” and “link”. In short, it is the structure of the URLs of your web page. And the first trick to quickly improving your business website SEO is to Czechia Business Email List the structure of permalinks. Why ? Because the default configuration of permalinks in WordPress is not the most efficient for SEO. To optimize your website, I advise you to choose the URL structure with the name of the article . For me, this is the ideal option, because it is rather short.

If necessary, reread my 11 best practices for structuring and optimizing your URLs to be convinced. To do this from your WordPress administration console, in the left column, go to: Settings> Permalinks Note : some prefer to use the concatenation of the category and the name of the article (/% category% /% postname% /). Personally, I don’t like the latter option. Indeed, it makes it difficult to modify your categories in the future, without having to set up a whole series of 301 redirects following broken links. And search engines don’t like changes in URLs, even with properly configured redirects. My advice : have “durable” URLs. And therefore do not change your permalinks under penalty of reduced traffic from Google or other search engines.


Focus On The Quality Of The Content

Changing the default permalink structure configuration maximizes your website’s potential for SEO – just one click away. 2. Customize multimedia settings 6 Tips to Quickly Improve the SEO of Your SME Site Another tip for quickly optimizing your WordPress site’s SEO is to play around with the media settings. I advise you to customize all available image options including thumbnails, medium and large. Indeed, the default parameters are not a priori in agreement with those expected by your theme. To do this, always from your WordPress administration console, go to: Settings> Media It is important that the size of the thumbnails is appropriate.


Indeed, this reduces the loading time of your pages, while ensuring that the photos uploaded to your site are adapted to the size of the screens. Remember that a large part of your readers consult your content on their mobile. I can only advise you to choose a responsive template. It is also the best way to comply with the Mobile First Index that Google uses today. And to finish on the media files, then think about optimizing your images for SEO . 3. Install an extension for the Sitemap Install an extension for the Sitemap To quickly improve the SEO of your website, it is important to publish your sitemap to Google . For this, the best is to rely on an “XML sitemap” extension for WordPress sites.


In Conclusion To Quickly Improve The Seo Of Your Business Site

This type of extension provides the architecture of your site’s pages and links to search engines. You will discover that there are multiple extensions dedicated to the generation of Sitemaps, including Google XML sitemaps . For my part, as I do not like to multiply the extensions on my server. I use the Yoast SEO extension which also has what it takes to generate and send your sitemap to Google as soon as you make a change on your business website. For your information, Yoast SEO for WordPress is also particularly useful for setting up structured data. In 2019, this is essential to set you apart from your competitors. If you have trouble setting up Yoast, consider consulting my complete guide dedicated to Yoast SEO .

But Yoast also participates in the on- page SEO verification of your content, which we will discuss in the next chapter. Note : an indirect advantage of publishing a sitemap is that, to be operational, you must declare it to the Google Search Console. You will therefore be obliged to open a free account. And this tool is crucial for understanding how Google sees and understands your website. On the same subject : The 3 strategic objectives of SEO 4. Focus on the quality of the content Focus on the quality of the content There is no point in publishing tons of posts if they do nothing for your target audience.

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