In the space of 20 years, Natural Referencing (SEO) has established itself as a fully-fledged branch of Digital Marketing. Indeed, it is a discipline in perpetual evolution with rules dictated by the giant Google in person. In order to remain well Iraq Email List on the results pages, entrepreneurs and companies must anticipate changes and follow the latest developments in natural referencing. For this year, SEO trends are focused on user experience. UX-related criteria are becoming important ranking factors and will increasingly take precedence in the eyes of Google.

To find out more, I spoke with Marine Moulin , SEO Consultant at L’agence Web . Let’s see what she has to tell us about these fundamental SEO trends. Contents [ display ] The quality of the content SEO Trends: The Quality of Content Google’s criteria are far from being chosen at random. Everything is done to force the sites to be as relevant as possible to user requests. Content structure This is why the structure and the tree structure of the content are also important in the eyes of Google. This is a double impact SEO factor: For the search engine . Structuring your content allows the search engine to better understand the resulting themes.


Seo Trends Regarding Keyword Choices

To do this, be sure to use the right Hn tags (title, h1, h2, etc.) to make the organization of your text clear to the bot. For Internet users . Logical and organized content makes it easier for your visitors to read. A page with clear and airy content will more easily retain the attention of the reader who will therefore stay more time on your site. SEO trends regarding keyword choices Back to the keyword strategy. Until now, it was necessary to position oneself on relevant and well-targeted keywords to be visible to visitors likely to be interested. However, in recent years, we have noticed that it is more and more relevant to position oneself on so-called “long tail” requests.


These are more or less long queries, made up of a certain number of keywords (unlike the short tail which is intended to be quite exhaustive, but whose keywords generate more traffic). For example, here is the results page for the query “chocolate task”. results page for the query “chocolate task” You observe that the results are numerous (1,740,000 results). It also means that these keywords are very competitive. On the other hand, for a longer and more precise query on the same subject such as “how to remove a chocolate stain”, the figures are totally different. for a longer and more precise query on the same subject such as “how to remove a chocolate stain”, the figures are totally different There are a lot almost 4 times less results (458,000).


The Loading Time Of Your Web Pages

And fewer results also mean fewer competing sites positioned on that query. Long tail queries generate less traffic, but are often more precise and much less competitive. This is why they are gradually making their entry into corporate SEO strategies. Thus, your business website is more likely to achieve better positions in search engine results. The loading time of your web pages The loading time of your web pages In 2021, Google will make UX a top priority without doing so to the detriment of the other criteria of its algorithms.

The user experience and the browsing comfort of Internet users will be two factors that must be taken into account on your website in order not to incur penalties. In May 2021, Google is rolling out a new update : Core Web Vitals . This consists of taking user experience even more into account as a new ranking criterion. Core Web Vitals, or essential web signals are based on 4 essential KPIs: First Contentful Paint (FCP) . It designates the loading speed so that the first text or the first image is displayed on the page, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) . It measures the time it takes for the longest text or the largest image to display, First Input Delay (FID) .

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