What are Shoppable Ads? This new advertising format allows advertisers and retailers to integrate an ad, along with a carousel of images, within content published on a third-party site. Objective : to distribute Shopping ads tagged on images published on partner sites of Google and Google Images, and considerably increase the Austria Email List rate, and therefore the notoriety of the brand or the reseller, which thus sees its commercial performance increased tenfold. Benefit : Internet users interested in a product can purchase it quickly in a few clicks, while having direct knowledge of its price.

Sponsored ads from Google Shopping are already present within Google Images, but the giant has just announced its intention to introduce “shopping ads” or “Shoppable Ads” to its image searches tab. In this sense, Google wants to catch up on Instagram and Pinterest, moreover drawing largely on the latter for the model of its ads. How do Shoppable Ads look? Sponsored images will obviously be visible above the naturally displayed images and the product (s) represented will be tagged. Internet users will have access to specific information on the product (s) in question, including the price, and can be redirected to a landing page in order to make their purchase quickly. Shoppables Ads: a response to the behavioral changes of Internet users It’s proven.


How Do Shoppable Ads Look?

Internet users have more appetite for visual ads than textual ones. As the saying goes “a picture is worth 1000 words”. According to a study carried out by Mountain View, Google would be the first place to which Internet users would turn to search for a defined product. Also, nearly 50% of online shoppers say that the images of a product have encouraged them to buy and, it seems that they are turning more and more to Google Images: hence the idea of ​​establishing these shopping advertisements through sponsored images. Note: Only images sponsored by advertisers will have a price.


Smartphone shoppable ads Boost the visibility of your products with Google Lens For internet users who are struggling to find a product they have been looking for a while, Google Lens is a great alternative. How it works ? All you have to do is take a picture of the product you are looking for. Able to identify a billion products, Google Lens has been integrated with Google Images, further expanding its search capabilities. Thanks to this feature available in France on iOS and Android, the Internet user will be able, via a photo from the search engine, to find the product he wants and buy it on the merchant site in a few clicks.


Boost The Visibility Of Your Products With Google Lens

For the moment, these technologies are still in the development phase. Let’s wait for the first performance feedback to judge the relevance of this new sponsored image format compared to those currently offered by Instagram and Pinterest. Case to follow. Also note that Google’s display of results has been changed so that videos appear higher than sites that consist of only regular text content. This element still pushes websites to favor video content that allows them to optimize their visibility. Sites using video content improve their SEO since they see a reduction in their bounce rate, but also an improvement in their conversion rate.

The diverted use of these media makes it possible to create an impacting user experience, which will reveal the identity and the know-how of your brand by immersing visitors in your universe. site onepage Example of a one page site: http://www.exial.fr The renewal of the layout The layout becomes innovative and nonconformist, each platform wants to be different from the competition. We play on asymmetry, by proposing unstructured and original architectures. For the design of a harmonious website, we usually use a grid: an imaginary plane with horizontal and vertical lines.

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