Should the editorial strategy be reviewed with deconfinement? The answer seems obvious, and yet not everyone is convinced of it yet. Internet users Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List   adopted new habits, feel new needs and express previously unknown fears. The editorial strategy cannot, on pain of absolute ineffectiveness, ignore these deep and lasting transformations … CONTAINMENT OF SEO, A REALITY THAT SHOULD QUESTION YOUR EDITORIAL CALENDAR The world after will not look like the world before.

The government has been hammering out this obvious fact in all shades for several weeks. This obvious point is also true with regard to natural referencing and even more so with your editorial strategy . Webmarketing training Since March, you have already had to revise your editorial calendar, regardless of your industry. In the field of tourism, you have had to give up these guides to prepare for the long extended weekends in May. For weeks, you’ve had to shake up your content creation to adapt to reality. And this will have to last for many weeks.


The Editorial Line To Rewrite, When Your Content Is Already Infected

So you first need to redefine your editorial strategy , starting with the calendar. THE EDITORIAL LINE TO REWRITE, WHEN YOUR CONTENT IS ALREADY INFECTED If web writing has to change pace to adjust to that of confinement, you will also have to develop a new editorial line. The messages to convey are not the same, and unless you permanently lose your prospects, you must provide them with relevant answers.

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The period is worrying for consumers and Internet users, and they need to be reassured and reassured. An explanation of the measures taken internally to protect yourself from the coronavirus will have more of an impact on your readers than even an unbeatable promotional offer. Rather than praising the free delivery of your delivery service, perhaps it is better to explain that it is still operational and under what conditions. You must reassure and reassure, which returns you to the essential basics of web writing: reassurance. Regarding your editorial line, you will finally have to adapt your speech.


Your Editorial Strategy At The Time Of Post-containment

How will your offer be impacted by the new habits imposed on consumers (barrier gestures, social distancing, etc.) . It’s up to you to show the way, by proposing new uses or new uses . YOUR EDITORIAL STRATEGY AT THE TIME OF POST-CONTAINMENT At this point, your web editors, your graphic designers and all the content creation specialists have changed the editorial calendar, and adopted new guidelines to help them in their production. The efforts don’t stop there, since you finally have to adapt to the communication channels.

Between employees in partial unemployment and those engaged in teleworking, Internet consumption has jumped (+ 70% worldwide). Internet users are looking for very targeted answers, but no longer want indigestible files making exhaustive points on a file. Answer the question ” How long does the virus survive on the cardboard?” “(For the e-merchant, it will be necessary to answer the induced question:” Can an Internet order contaminate me? “) Requires only a few lines.

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