Good evening, my readers. Gardeners love raspberries for their ability to bear fruit twice a year. The second harvest of some varieties is even more plentiful and better than the first. Plant care does not require a lot of effort, but there are some things that don’t make sense. Then put the seeds. Run roots, watch them not to be on top of them. Pop the ground, leaving the neck above the hill 1.5 cm. The earth is relatively compact so satisfaction is not created.

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Malina Maria Verbilkova reconstruction is a state of affairs
In careful handling, the raspberry provides a rich and abundant flavor.

The main events are as follows

The root system is not meaningful, which means that it is Italy Phone Number not able to reproduce in the deep layer. Plant water 1 time in 14 days. Each requires 2 soft and smooth jars.

Plants that swell with moisture grow 30 cm. Green leaves, large, with professional leaves.

If the branches are thin and weak, there is a lack of water in the fruit. The amount of irrigation increases. Especially in arid summer.

Reduces the amount of watering, and also the grass around the bush helps mulching. For use:The action is necessary to ensure that the root system receives enough oxygen. Land around the bush carefully, so as not to injure the roots, and loosen up to 5 times per season. Blow maximum 5 cm. Between the lines – 10 cm.

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Potassium sulfate. 40 g of powder contains 10 liters of water. Use 1 l per 1 m2.
Unspin of ashes. 1 cup is drawn in a bucket of water and insisted for 24 hours. Puff 0.5 l liquid per 1 m2.
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Malina Maria Verbilkova reconstruction is a state of affairs
After fruiting, fruit that can be removed is food 1 tsp. Calcium Sulfur and 1 tsp. Superphosphate. The granules are spread under each bush, and then they are covered with mulch. This allows the plant to prepare for the winter season.



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