Then I will be happy to give you a brief Paraguay Phone Number look back at 2020 and the labor market & recruitment trends of 2021. I will discuss three themes for both years: The market Technic Marketing Labor Market & Recruitment Trends 2020 1. The market Corona At the end of last year, we were all still a little giggling about that crazy Paraguay Phone Number bat disease from China and it was still a far from our bed show. Now it’s about nothing else, Covid-19, aka corona. The virus that changed everything, especially the labor market. During the first Paraguay Phone Number lockdown in March, we (as a digital recruitment agency mainly saw a freeze response from many of our customers.

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Immediately, almost all campaign Paraguay Phone Number recruitment went on hold . Because it was of course not yet clear what was going to happen with influx and outflow. That response was logical and all companies did their own scenario Paraguay Phone Number planning in their own way. But come on, didn’t anyone have a scenario ready for this? Also read: Recruitment: use your time optimally now & come out of the corona crisis stronger Platforms I think we can also say that 2020 is an important year for transaction-driven platforms in recruitment. I mean the direct platforms such as Temper and Young Ones.

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Shows Which Paraguay Phone Number

Nothing to screen employers, nothing to Paraguay Phone Number recruiters, just pick a job, click and work. And tomorrow? Tomorrow I’ll do something different. These transaction-driven platforms, where supply and demand meet in a very transparent way, are growing rapidly. And feel free to keep an eye on them, because there are more to come and they Paraguay Phone Number continue to grow. One of the Job Market & Recruitment Trends of 2020, about platforms. Eat or be eaten The labor market and recruitment crazies like me have seen that there was a heavy takeover party in quarter four in the field of recruitment.

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