Behavior and cooperation by Bahrain Phone Number understanding the other. The more and the better we know the person behind the customer or colleague, the easier it will be to also interact on rational and business-related topics. And here too the following applies: do not focus all your attention on getting to know the other person. Also express Bahrain Phone Number your own preferences and intentions. That ultimately strengthens your bond. Always take the trouble to literally look at things from the other side of the table. What does something look like from the perspective of your interlocutor? Business relationships are always personal The bottom line is that no relationship is just work or business related.

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Every relationship is personal. And the better we know ourselves and the other person, the easier the interaction and collaboration will become. People skills for analytical thinkers In his book People Skills for Analytical Thinkers Gilbert Eijkelenboom cleverly connects a multitude of theories, principles and insights. From the iceberg theory to Steven Covey, he puts all the puzzle pieces together into a practical guide to improving your people skills. In behaviour, in communication and in influencing. The book is full of step-by-step plans, exercises and assignments with which you can put the theory into practice. And that sales manager? Dissatisfied with his pitch, he approached the client one last time.

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He told how disappointed he was with the pitch and asked the client what he should have done differently. “Exactly what you are doing now”, said the client. “You could have asked me what I thought of your proposal. Then I would have told you how well that matched what we want and I would have asked you when we could start. But your monologue during your pitch gave me no space. Rumag is allowed again’, I recently read on Adformatie.

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