Longer session times With naturally written text, your visitors will love to read your content. The length of sessions on your website will also increase. It only remains for me to remind you that: The click-through rate, The bounce rate, The Rwanda Email List of the session, Are also indicators that Google also takes into account in its ranking algorithm. It is a virtuous circle which starts. Ultimately, you share the same Google goal: to deliver relevant content to your readers. Think about it! 5. As a bonus: lower costs of Google Ads campaigns You run campaigns on Google Ads .

So you know it is difficult to: Reduce your cost per click, Or even improve the click-through rate of your ads. My tip : do A / B testing with LSI keywords for your ads. And if your landing page has relevant content, Google will also increase your quality score. The result : better classified ads with less expensive auctions. It’s always a good thing when – as a good entrepreneur – you control your costs. How do you find your LSI keywords? How do you find your LSI keywords? Here are 3 ways to generate LSI keywords while saving time on these technical aspects.


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1. At the “mano” If you write your text naturally, forgetting everything I just said, the LSI keywords will come naturally as well. And I’ve seen it personally: the longer your content, the more naturally occurring LSI keywords. Have colleagues proofread your content so that they correct mistakes in French, repetitions, heaviness and again the LSI keywords will appear. And if you have a remark like this: “On your article on avocados, I don’t quite understand if you are talking about the fruit or the profession!”. Think about LSI keywords and still work on your context. 2. With Google There are 2 ways to find LSI keywords with the search engine. Just type in your main keyword and see what Google suggests to you.


Google’s suggestions You can also search with your main keyword and view related searches at the bottom of the results page. Related searches from Google It’s easier to copy them and Google gives you a little more. This way, you generate keywords easily while being sure to be consistent with what Google thinks. You can also : Use the Google Ads keyword planning tool , Or look at the buzzwords with Google Trends . 3. With the LSI Graph tool Finding LSI Keywords with the LSI Graph Tool LSI Graph is a free tool for generating LSI keywords. Additionally, this keyword generator is used by many Digital Marketing bloggers today. I don’t want to brag.


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But I also use LSIGraph for all the articles I write on #audreytips. Its use could not be simpler: Type the name of the keyword in the text field, Check the Captcha and click “Generate”! You get a list of LSI keywords related to your main keyword. Try it with the terms of your industry to judge the relevance of this tool. Then make sure that they are actually relevant to the content you are writing. Note : too bad there is no WordPress plugin! FYI , the SEOpressor extension , competitor of Yoast SEO, has integrated LSIgraph technology into its extension. Note 2 : as is often the case with the best Digital Marketing tools, LSIgraph mainly understands English… Sorting is often necessary to retain only the terms in French.

How to select (and use) the best LSI keywords? How to select (and use) the best LSI keywords After playing around with all of these tools, you probably have a large list of potential LSI keywords. The trick is to narrow down that list of keywords that relate to your content so that you get as much traffic as possible. Find the keywords that work well together. It’s like doing a puzzle. 1. Understand the 3 types of intention It is important that your LSI keywords help people search for your main keyword. To do this, think about the type of queries that Internet users will make in order to find your content.

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