SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called natural referencing , corresponds to the techniques to be implemented to improve your positioning on Google, during a search. With SEO, you improve your visibility and increase traffic to Cyprus Email Addresses website. It is part of digital marketing within your company. If you are an entrepreneur and want more visibility, do not neglect SEO! Margaux Cottet , Communications Officer at Aves Formation offered to summarize the main SEO mistakes not to make, which I accepted. Contents [ display ] SEO errors in content SEO errors in content 1. Stuff with keywords Keywords are essential elements when writing your page or article. But beware ! Do not multiply them in your article.

Keyword stuffing is considered by Google to be over-optimization. So balance the number of keywords with other words in the semantic field . My advice : semantically enrich your content with a service like or the SEO Writing Assistant from SEMrush. 2. Write that for Google And yes ! Even if you want to improve your SEO, never forget that you write first for your readers ! So publish dynamic, interesting articles with crystal-clear content for your audience to read to the end. To make it dynamic, add images. In addition, also pay attention to the font and its size.


Do Not Add Internal And External Links

Too small a font makes it difficult to read a web page, especially on mobile. 3. Write overly long sentences and paragraphs This advice ties in with the previous one. To keep the reader focused on your article, absolutely avoid long sentences, that is, sentences longer than 20 words. The same goes for paragraphs. It should not exceed 300 words. Big cobblestones are not pleasant to read. Finally, remember to space your texts and favor simple sentences. For example, avoid using the passive voice. It is more complicated to assimilate than the active voice. My advice : therefore use the active voice as often as possible to construct your sentences. And your readers will love to read you . SEO errors in HTML tags SEO errors in HTML tags The HTM tags I’m discussing here are the information that shows up in search results.


Do not optimize the Title tag for SEO What is the Title tag ? It is an HTML tag that contains the title of a web page. I’m talking about the title that appears in Google results. For natural referencing, it is therefore essential to put a unique Title tag and with the target keyword. 5. Forget the meta description The meta-description can be found under your page title in Google results. It’s a little text that sums up your page. It lets the reader know the topic before clicking on your link. The description has little to no SEO weight, but if the reader isn’t attracted to this meta description, they won’t click on your page.


How To Request Indexing Of Your Web Pages On Google?

To build your meta-description , insert your main query and hover over your idea, describing the content of your page. Again, the meta-description of a page must be unique. On the same topic : 7 Ways to Learn SEO Other classic mistakes in SEO Other classic mistakes in SEO 6. Do not optimize images In SEO, images are taken into account. For them to be correctly optimized , you must perform several manipulations: Save the photo with a name, separated by dashes and consisting of the main keyword Reduce image weight to improve page load time.

To do this, add an extension to your CMS, such as imagify on WordPress. Add alt text to the image before adding it to the intended page. This alt text is in the form of a sentence and can take the name of your image. My advice : to find royalty-free images , use Freepik or Pexels. You can of course add your own personal images. Finally, add images in accordance with your content. 7. Do not add internal and external links While writing your page or article, it is necessary to add internal links and external links. The internal links : These are links that direct the reader to another page of your site.

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