Unfortunately, having hundreds of ranking keywords doesn’t mean they all drive visits to your site. To convince yourself, sort by position by clicking on the table header, then browse your list of keywords. Certain keywords receive clicks with a significant Egypt Email List of impressions. But some keywords at the top of the Google results page don’t get clicks. Google Search Console: Improve your SEO This is the case, in the screenshot above, for a keyword with an average position of 1.7 and an impression count of 54. You can understand not receiving any clicks for few search impressions.

But, with 54 impressions of the top 2 positions, you can expect a few clicks. On the same topic : 9 beginner mistakes not to make in SEO How to extract the list of keywords that generate no clicks The ergonomics of the Google Search Console do not allow you to filter the data in the Table. Granted, you can download the data, but Google Search Console limits the number of lines downloaded to 1000. So here is my workaround for extracting keywords to improve SEO for content. Install Search Analytics for Sheets Like many Digital Marketing experts, I use “ Search Analytics for Sheets ”, a Google Sheet add-on. Quite simply, “Search Analytics for Sheets” imports data from your Google Search Console into a spreadsheet on Google Sheets.


Choose An Effective Domain Name

Not only do you define the data to be retrieved, but in addition there is no longer the limit of 1000 lines. To install it “Search Analytics for Sheets”: Open a Google Sheet, Then in the menu, select “Add-on”, Finally, click on “Download add-ons”. Install Search Analytics for Sheets Look for “Search Analytics for Sheets” in the Add-ons Library and then click on the “Free” button. Good news: “Search Analytics for Sheets” is a free module !! Install Search Analytics for Sheets Select your Google account and allow access to the data. The module is installed. You access it from the “Complementary modules” menu. Install Search Analytics for Sheets Set up Search Analytics for Sheets Click on “Open Sidebar” to define the parameters of the data to import from your Google Search Console.


Set up Search Analytics for Sheets Specify the following fields: The property concerned, The date range, Indicate the type of media search (web, image, video), The data of the lines: in our case: Query to obtain the information of the keywords, Add a filter on the page to analyze, Then start the search by clicking on the blue “Request data” button at the bottom of the form. Google Search Console: Improve your SEO The data is imported directly into your spreadsheet. Google Search Console: Improve your SEO For your information, this worksheet has 1968 rows.


Where To Put The Keywords In The Url?

The limit of 1000 is well crossed! Now let’s use this snippet to find all the keywords that received no clicks for the webpage you selected. To do this, define your criteria for the keywords to extract depending on how you want to improve the SEO of this content. For example, to generate more clicks, find keywords with: 0 clicks, A position less than 5, At least 50 impressions. Apply filters in the worksheet. If necessary, consult Thierry Vanoffe’s educational articles to learn how to filter and sort on Google Sheet. Google Search Console: Improve your SEO The end result is: Google Search Console: Improve your SEO Out of the 3 keywords, 2 are relevant to my content.

Test different filters according to your needs. How to review your content to generate clicks with these keywords You now know how to identify the keywords that rank in Google’s 1 to 5 positions and which do not receive any clicks. Let’s see how to generate clicks? I count 3 main causes: Another more relevant page than yours that shows up in the same search results and gets all visits. One of your Google Ads ads (ex Adwords) that promotes this page steals “organic” clicks, Your meta description is not convincing enough. This last cause is the one to work on. There is only one solution : review your meta description to make it more attractive to these keywords. Unlike titles, meta descriptions do not directly change your rankings.


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