This can have an impact on the SEO of your business site. The number of shares on Facebook In the rest of the previous criterion, Google Syria Email List surely also take into account the number of shares of your page on Facebook. Shares have, for Google, more interest and therefore weight than likes. Indeed, they are comparable to the creation of a backlink. My advice : get people who follow your Facebook page to read your content and share it again.

The authority of Facebook accounts As with Twitter, Google gives more weight to likes and shares from an old and authoritative Facebook account. For example, if you get a share on Facebook from Bill Gates, it has a lot more impact than a share from your neighbor, unless your neighbor is Bill Gates. Pinterest The number of pins on Pinterest Google’s algorithm must probably take into account the “pins” that Internet users make of your Internet pages on Pinterest. The more you have, the better it is for your SEO. My advice : integrate Pinterest into your social media strategy, if it’s relevant for your business.


Internal Links Are Useful For Your Visitors

Other social media The number of shares on social sharing networks There are social networks that specialize in sharing info and links. For example, we can cite Reddit and Digg . Not very well known in France, they are widely used in the United States. Having a lot of shares of your web page on these type of sharing networks is another quality “social” signal that Google takes into account. The ability to verify who produced the content Google also seeks to verify who produced the content on your page, especially if it is an expert opinion or an interview with a famous person. In this case, Google tries to verify who the author is really by analyzing the links to social media profiles, such as LinkedIn for example.


My advice : If you’re an expert in your field and producing content on your business site, make sure you link that content properly with your LinkedIn profile. Relevant content around the social signal Suppose you are a florist. You have published a very nice page on your site on how to grow clematis outdoors. Better to have someone share your link on Facebook mentioning clematis in the text accompanying the share. If the text around your link in the share has nothing to do with it, it is not a good sign sent to Google who may consider this share to be spam.


Why Is Internal Networking Important In Seo?

My advice : avoid spam, on the web in general, as via email and on social networks. Your goal should be to achieve real and authentic social engagement on social media. It’s always counterproductive for your SEO to have lots of unjustified or “forced” shares. Social signals for the whole site Google also aggregates all the social signals received by all the pages of a site, to boost the natural referencing of the individual pages of this site. My advice : as mentioned above, work on your presence on social networks. The more real and authentic social engagements you have, the more your entire site benefits from Google’s algorithm. Then ask yourself the question how to generate more social engagement .

On the same subject : Google: How does it work? Explore, index & classify The criteria of the algorithm related to the power of the brand understanding the Google algorithm – the power of the brand All of the following criteria relate to the notion of “brand” (or even “big brand”). Brands are favored by the simple fact that they are known … And a well-known brand inspires confidence in us. And for Google, it’s the same. This is why Google puts brands in the spotlight in its search results ranking algorithm. To understand the Google algorithm, let’s see how it rates your brand’s power. It’s pretty obvious. In the eyes of Google, brand awareness is measured by the volume of searches on the brand name itself.

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