You have just redesigned your entire site, you are proud of it and you want to quickly put it online to test it. Except that indexing it creates duplicate content because you will have similar or identical pages with your old website. Be aware that Google French Polynesia Email List not appreciate “duplicate content” ! You will therefore lose positions on the search engine. For that, it is essential to block the indexing in the search engines of your pre-production.

Don’t skimp on safety by: Requiring a password login Blocking indexing in the website robot.txt file. The wrong mistake is to forget to re-allow search engines to crawl your website when it goes into production. Without it, you won’t find your pages in the search engine results. This is one more reason to think about an SEO strategy before embarking on an overhaul. These problems put together, you strongly penalize the natural referencing of your company’s website. 5. Because thinking about SEO after the redesign is already too late!


Believing That Copywriting Is Only For Selling, And Nothing Else

Because thinking about SEO after the redesign is already too late! You will understand, SEO is actually the basis of an overhaul. It is imperative to develop a concrete strategy . Carrying out this work in advance saves time, energy and, above all, money. Many companies wait until they have completed their redesign to start SEO and they are wrong! A redesign without SEO is money thrown down the drain … You will lose: Turnover, time to recover the positioning of your old site, Money by spending high costs on an SEO service or by using paid advertising to maintain your visibility, etc. On the other hand, an SEO service that takes place before your redesign will even allow you to have a significant impact when your new website is released.


If you want to make a complete overhaul of your website, now think about SEO because once the new site is indexed, it will be difficult to go back. Audrey: Thanks Jules for the tips on redesigning a website. I would add that a good practice is to list all the pages of the existing site and compare it with the pages of the new site. This is the best way not to forget a redirect. Conclusion on SEO for a website redesign As our guest author, Jules, introduced us here, before redesigning your business website, it is very important to think about SEO.


Writing All Your Sales Pages According To A Specific Plan

We learned that it is necessary to think of many things: The structure and architecture of the new site, The impact on meta tags, Pay attention to certain penalizing technologies (including Flash), Think about redirects so as not to lose any of your content, … Natural Referencing (SEO) is therefore at the heart of an overhaul. Finally, to optimize your redesign, also think about looking at how your competitors behave in terms of SEO. Update your content as often as possible .

Use header tags correctly . Ideally, the questions should be placed in a header of type <h2>. Answer all the questions you are asked through Google My Business Questions and your answers section. Generate interesting questions about your products and / or services that generate engagement. If you don’t have immediate content to generate questions and therefore answers, look at your reviews. My advice : the reviews you get on Google My Business are written in a natural way and give an idea of ​​the questions your customers are asking.

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