Changing an established business name can be costly and confuse customers. Find the right business name today and you will have the foundation on which to grow your business for many years to come. > Once you have decided on your Thailand Phone Number List name, the next step in building your brand image is to design a unique logo. Take a look at some of the templates in our logo maker tool for ideas!

This can include customer dissatisfaction, competitor development, resource issues, and employee shortages. Anticipating obstacles can help you find a solution that won’t hurt your business. Just like the competition, you too have advantages that set your business apart. Think about the types of customers who might present new business opportunities. Can you implement a low-cost service to reach more customers? Do you have rare expertise in your region?


Appeal To Emotions (Emotional Triggers)

Local business associations and chambers of commerce are good sources of information on local business trends. Try to identify opportunities that could give you a leg up on the competition. Can you negotiate better contracts with your suppliers? Set up a promotion in collaboration with a company that sells products related to yours? To build a solid strategy, start by describing the marketing channels you already use and your future goals.


A marketing channel is a form of communication that you use to make your products available to buyers. Social media, email, and direct mail are common marketing channels. If possible, write down the number of leads you reached through each channel. Some prospects can become great sources of business while others will lead nowhere. To find new prospects, think about where your customers go to get information. Does she do her research online?


Increase In Self-confidence

Does she ask for quotes over the phone? Does she view your content on social media? Be realistic in your goals. Use your numbers from the past to make a list of goals you want to achieve. If you get the interest of 50 people per month through LinkedIn, aim for 75 first. Your growth goals may also include: Your turnover The number of subscribers to your newsletter Customer recommendations The volume or amount of purchases per customer Allow time to consider other marketing methods. Small business owners are often so heavily burdened with work that they stick to one or two channels, even with no results.

For example, 16 percent of small businesses don’t create content to be shared with their customers. Some of the different types of content include blog posts, videos, e-books, reports, emails, and social media posts. Creating content allows you to show your credibility as an entrepreneur. Your content can also help you meet people who have never heard of your business. Measure your results A marketing plan is of no value if you don’t measure your progress.

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