Measure your success with a #eventive hashtag. Build your event around a theme It can be a topic directly related to your industry. But you can also spice up Kazakhstan Phone Number List events by building them around a different theme each year. Having a theme will help you tie all the elements of your event together. In some cases, the location can lend itself to a theme as well. Are you organizing an event on the beach?

Build the event on the beach theme. Or organize a luau. Organize a competition People are driven by competition and the desire to win. If you want to showcase part of your event, promote it with a contest. Encourage attendees to post key points from a conference or photos from the event on social media. Recognize a prize for the best photo or the best publication. You involve your customers on social networks and they share your message with their friends.


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No matter how much the participant wins, in the end you get the more publicity. An event app is a great tool for engaging customers. It helps participants get organized and gives you an additional involvement mechanism. Another advantage: you can add a theme corresponding to the theme of your event. Participants can use it to send messages to speakers to request more information. Participants can also send messages to each other.

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The use of the messaging system will promote the involvement of participants in the entire event. Again, the organization of a competition could encourage participation. You don’t need to have an IT department to build an event app. Try AppInstitute ; it’s free. Site There are many factors that go into choosing a location for an event. Often it is above all a question of cost and availability. If you can, look for unique venues for your event.


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A local museum, for example, might be the perfect location for a creative endeavor. What do you think of an old factory or a converted church? The more unique the place, the more customers it will attract. Sponsors and speakers Be careful with your choice of sponsors. Financial support is always welcome. But if you choose the wrong sponsors, you risk alienating your customers. Choose sponsors that match your business and that operate in complementary industries.

Likewise, use good judgment in choosing speakers. Of course, we would always like to invite big names in the industry, but the budget is often lacking. Consider bringing in loyal customers. This will allow you to show the true face of your brand. Be sure to discuss with them beforehand to ensure that their intervention will enrich the event. Other aspects How does sound and light fit into your event? Make sure they match your customers’ expectations.

If you’re a wellness business, you might want to go for soft lighting and soothing music. If you are a rock band promoter, the vibe will be a bit different. Are you ready to host this year’s must-see event? Now that you know all about event branding, it’s time to take your business to the next level. Check out our blog posts to learn more about online marketing, branding, and networking. And of course, our graphic designers are here to meet all of your logo needs.

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