Is Your Content Marketing Up To Your Expectations? Laurent comes out of a videoconference with one of our clients. He walks to my desk and tells me: Lots of businesses blog today. Unfortunately, very few use their blog content to Oman Email List their SEO. I remind you that natural referencing consists in making your web pages stand out on the search pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo… And the more visible your site, the more traffic and potentially new customers you get.

This is why blogging today is more important than ever . But on condition that you strictly follow a few simple instructions. In this little guide for a newbie “entrepreneur” to Digital Marketing, I’m going to go over 8 easy ways to use your blog to improve your business’s website SEO . Contents [ display ] 1. Choose an attractive name for your blog Choosing an attractive name for your blog to improve your SEO I am always surprised when I see that the name of a company’s website blog is… “Blog”! From a SEO point of view on the Internet, this is not great! So be more creative in determining the name of your business blog. Because this name is also an opportunity to optimize your SEO.


Choose An Attractive Name For Your Blog


Ask yourself these 4 questions: What is the main theme of your blog? What is the best description for my industry? What keywords to insert in the title, name and description of your blog? Specifically, what is the target audience that you are looking to reach? Finding a descriptive name and choosing a topic that you focus on can generate a significant amount of traffic from search engines. For example : The Gîtes de France publish a blog which brings together the portraits of owners and also stories of hiking. But you don’t have to be a big organization to blog. Maître Eolas has been publishing a legal blog since 2004.


If it is difficult for you to name your blog with the keywords you are targeting, then try to include at least those keywords in the title and description of the blog’s home page. Take #audreytips as an example: 8 Easy Ways To Improve Your SEO With A Blog 2. Target an audience and an intention for each article Target a specific audience for each article Write each blog post with a specific segment of your readers in mind. In this way, each web content is optimized for specific customers with targeted keywords related to their expectations and the solutions you offer.


 Target An Audience And An Intention For Each Article

Again, get inspiration from what we’re doing on #audreytips. The editorial theme is Digital Marketing for businesses. I always try to write articles on a specific subject like: “ Google Posts on My Business ”. In this case, I target business leaders whose activity is strongly linked to an address. In this article there are: Not only my generic keywords like “Digital Marketing” or “entrepreneur”, But also specific keywords obviously “Google Posts” but also “establishment”, “Promotion”… Also, take into account the intent behind a chosen keyword. To do this, do a search on Google and analyze the pages that emerge: Do they provide general information? Are they designed for a specific action such as a purchase or an appointment?

Then write content based on what Google puts forward. You can trust him if he puts this kind of content on his first page, that’s what people are looking for. Note : Digital Marketing experts call this taking User Intent into account . 3. Set up an efficient URL structure Set up an efficient URL structure Working on the structure of your URLs is essential for at least 2 reasons. For you: traffic analysis is easier Some companies do not include “/ blog /” in their URL syntax. In this case, monitoring and analyzing your blog traffic becomes more complex on Google Analytics. I recommend that you include “/ blog /” in your blog URL structure to keep them separate from other pages on your website. This facilitates the creation of specific reports. Note : on #audreytips, I did not choose this solution. Indeed, my site is my blog and vice versa. So no need to distinguish them.

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