Some felt embarrassed by their new hobbies. Social media loves to call tasks “Basic” or “Uncreative” simply because they’re trending right now. It is not so easy to make bread even though it is the most basic food!

Finally, the result was the same. Sourdough thrown away,


knitting needles gathering dust in the cupboard, and a new set of unopened paints.

In a sense, these abandoned hobbies became a metaphor. You became so focused on what others thought about the final product that you lost the joy of the process.

The opinions of strangers on the internet became more. Valuable than your thoughts, leaving you even more apathetic and isolated than before.

When we work from home, we often look for references online. Since we are working Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List alone, this could be, more often than not, the only. Source of comparison and inspiration that we have.

But this does not always produce realistic results. Failure and judgment can stunt your creative growth.

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Break the cycle. Pick up that hobby again or try something new! Enjoy the process instead of focusing on the result.

Revel in the relaxation of painting a canvas, let your mind wander as you knit, and enjoy licking the spoon to clean up the cake batter. All art takes practice to master, but you have to learn to enjoy the creative process long before you make a perfect creation.

Look away from social networks and the performative actions. Of your friends. Don’t feel the need to use instagram on your first try or use photoshop to make it perfect.

Take it as it is: the first try, it may not be the best work in the world, but you did it. And with each additional creation, it will get better and better.

Incorporating this thought into hobbies and daily activities is the first step, and then comes incorporating them into your professional activities.

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