Page Speed ​​Insights is a free tool provided by Google. It’s always interesting how Google likes you. It gives you a rating out of 100 and a color code. Obviously, it also indicates a whole series of tips for optimizing your website. It’s always Thailand Email List to compare the 3 results … This way, you also get more recommendations to optimize your website and tips to speed it up. How to appreciate the speed on Mobile? How to appreciate the speed on Mobile? I often talk about it. More and more Internet users consult the Internet on their smartphones. And it is even a fundamental trend.

In addition, Google and its Mobile First index will prioritize the user experience on mobile before that on computer to rank you in its results pages. The User experience on Mobile is very different, on the one hand because of the small size of the screens but also of the cellular connection which is slower than in Wifi. To simulate all of this, Google offers another free tool for testing website speed on mobile . Again, I can only advise you to test your company’s website.


Find The Best Keywords

“Finding” keywords that generate these little giveaways from Google is a game that creates a bond between Google and its users. This is a very special criterion! There is no particular way of exploiting this system here. Besides, it would probably be badly perceived by your prospects to optimize a page for one of these keywords! The social signals of the Google algorithm – shares, likes … Understanding the Google algorithm – social signals To understand Google’s algorithm, let’s continue with social media activity.


A priori, Google takes into account the number of times your content has been shared on social networks and some criteria on the account itself that shares your content. The influence of social networks on SEO remains unclear. On the other hand, it does exist, for sure. On the other hand, I think that these are criteria whose weight is rather low. My advice : set up a long-term “social media” strategy that is relevant to your business. Also consider adding social sharing buttons to your business website.


 Remove Duplicate Content

Twitter The number of times your page has been tweeted If your page has been tweeted a lot, it seems to be very SEO friendly for that page. My advice : if your business has a very active community on Twitter, find a way to tweet pages on your site, while providing interesting content! The age and authority of the Twitter accounts that tweet your page Still on Twitter, we can imagine that Google takes into account the age of the Twitter account at the origin of the tweets as well as its authority (i.e. a priori the number of subscribers).

And the older the account and / or has a lot of subscribers the better for Google’s algorithm. So in this example having many tweets from one page is of no value if Google does not also ensure that they are tweets from “real Twitter accounts” and not a transaction. spam. Facebook The number of “likes” on Facebook You probably know the “likes” (or “J’aime” in French) on Facebook. To come back to the Google algorithm, we can imagine that the number of likes of your pro page on Facebook influences the ranking of the pages of your site. Increase the number of likes in a natural way, but by being ambitious.


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