Here I am again in great shape to continue the series of articles on Google SEO and in particular the algorithm of this search engine. Here is what Laurent thinks , to whom I recently asked his opinion on this series of articles: Audrey, your Myanmar Email List interest me a lot. On the other hand, I have talked about it around me and some entrepreneurs do not understand much. Others have found good ideas there to optimize their natural referencing and save time on all these somewhat technical aspects. Anyway, I’m continuing my momentum. And I reiterate my thanks to Brian Dean ofSEO and backlinks specialist .

I invite you to follow his blog, because it is super interesting! Preamble : Google is not disclosing its web page ranking algorithm at this time. Therefore, the criteria described in this series of articles are only guesses. This list is therefore necessarily non-exhaustive. In addition, its algorithm is constantly updated . Therefore, it is likely that some of these 200 criteria are no longer relevant or temporarily disabled. Contents [ display ] 2 last remaining factors related to backlinks 2 last factors related to backlinks The following criteria are the continuation of the factors assumed on the backlinks .


Transactional Searches Like Google Flights

As a reminder, backlinks are links that you get on other sites and that point to your own business site. They mark the popularity of your website. Experts in Digital Marketing speak of “Backlinks”. The quality of the content in which the backlink is located Quality, always quality. It’s Google’s obsession. And somewhere, the developers at Google are right! Whatever your opinion on this point, Google favors backlinks inserted in rich, useful and relevant web content. On the contrary, backlinks from pages with poorly written content, without images and poorly structured, are of less interest. My advice : Always choose sites that you are trying to get backlinks to with care.


Above all, target quality! The return links present on the whole site No need to try to gain at all costs backlinks that are inserted in all the pages of the same website, as is the case in the menu or the footer. Indeed, Google assigns these areas a lower weight. I even think he sees them as a single, unique return link. My advice : always favor links that point to one of your pages within the content of a page. Criteria related to Internet user behavior Google SEO – Criteria related to Internet user behavior Here we are dealing with a new category of criteria. Indeed, the following 10 criteria concern the activity and interactions of Internet users who visit your company’s site.


Preference Given To Major Brands

Organic CTR for a keyword Ooops, it’s a bit barbaric! Not wrong, but follow me and you will better understand this criterion. CTR is the abbreviation for “Click Through Rate”, which means “click through rate” in English. According to Marketing Definitions , the click-through rate is the ratio of the number of clicks on a clickable element on the views of that page. The CTR is qualified as organic when we only take into account non-paid links – that is to say that we exclude clicks on banner ads for example.

All this is fairly consistent since paid links are not part of natural referencing. If a link’s organic CTR increases for a page optimized for that backlink’s keyword, that backlink is likely to receive more weight. As a result, this will boost your positions in Google’s results pages. My advice : whether for backlinks or internal linking, never cheat with your links. They must always correspond to what the Internet user expects when they click on them. Organic CTR for all your keywords This is the same criteria as the previous one, but applied to all the keywords for your entire site.

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