For Internet users: have readable and short URLs When it comes to a post’s URL, WordPress defaults to using every word in the post title. This makes your URLs long and difficult to read. Tip : spend 30 seconds to make the URL of an Pakistan Email List not only relevant to its content, but also as short as possible. To do this, first remove the little words like “and”, “the” and “or”, then optimize it. Here is how I do it: 8 Easy Ways To Improve Your SEO With A Blog I’m doing this right in the Yoast box in the WordPress post editor. have readable and short URLs Note : work your URLs before posting.

And if you do it after, consider doing a redirect. 4. Continuously optimize the existing content on your blog Improving your SEO does not necessarily mean publishing more website content, even if respecting your publication rate is important . Look to optimize blog posts already online. Review your content to identify areas for improvement from a SEO perspective. Here are some possible optimization techniques for existing blog content: Add internal links pointing to other content on your website, Optimize your images with care.


Google Search Console: How Google Understands Your Site

Examine title tags and meta descriptions to make sure the target keywords are included, Analyze with Google Search Console the keywords typed by Internet users that made your content stand out in Google’s results pages. And add them in your articles. Improving your web content is also a time saver compared to writing a full article. Here are 9 simple steps to effectively update your web content . On the same subject : 6 simple tactics to optimize your SEO 5. Find and fill in the gaps in your content Find and fill in the gaps in your content Blog posts are an effective way to create content that will fill your SEO gap. Indeed, SEO requires keywords and since it is out of fashion to stuff a web page with keywords, it is best to write other content.


To fill in the keywords that you are not targeting yet, start by listing the main keywords in your industry for which you rank low on Google. Then review your existing content or write new ones. It’s more effective for improving your SEO with a business blog than changing the keywords on your deal and / or contact pages. And if you lack inspiration, I will explain how I come up with the ideas for articles . 6. Add optimized images and videos Images create a positive experience and increase visitor engagement. They are also a key component for SEO. So, don’t forget to include images in your articles.

Page Speed ​​insights : Tester La Vitesse D’affichage De Vos Pages

There are many royalty free image libraries on the Internet . And at a minimum, fill in your “alt text” tags with keywords related to the article and your industry. Each blog post can also host a video. If you have a YouTube channel, choose the video that sublimates your blog post? If you don’t have a YouTube channel, look for videos posted by others. Not only do videos retain your users, they are also an effective way to get your message across. 7. Add structured data to your articles Add structured data to your articles to improve your SEO with a blog Remember to tag your articles with structured data .

Structured data markup is added to your HTML code to: Give search engines information about a page, Better classify the content of the page, And even, in some cases, improve the way your page is represented in search pages. I recommend that you include schema markup in your post to ensure that this content is fully optimized. Note : this is the only slightly technical point in this article. So talk to your developer. On the other hand, if your website is under WordPress, in this case, it is very simple. Rely on the free Yoast SEO plugin.

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