Strong authority leads to better positioning in search results. How to improve your domain authority? To increase the authority of your website, you must work on 3 SEO pillars which are: 1. Publish content Content is everything you post on Portugal Email List website. Many entrepreneurs focus primarily on this point. But perfect content isn’t enough, especially if your competition is also posting very well-optimized content on a particular search … 2. Promote your content to get links Promote your content to get links It is essential that people talk about you on the Internet. Search engines measure this awareness primarily with the number and quality of sites in your industry adding links that point to your site.

SEO experts call them “backlinks”: a hyperlink placed on a page of an A website that points to a page on your site. Regardless, they are imperative to improve your notoriety and make you more “credible” in the eyes of search engines. And to complicate it all, the links have to be obtained in a natural way. So there is no question of buying them, nor of making an exchange with another site … There are many methods for acquiring backlinks. For example, going to write an article on a site that interests you. 3. Work on your business website structure.


Where Is The Title Tag For A Web Page Displayed?

This is the most technical part and the easiest to improve. The SEO technique includes among others: The compatibility of your site on mobiles, The security of your site with the https protocol, Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing … Correctly configure structured data according to the type of your pages … But above all, your site must be well built and well structured. If this point is not well optimized, all other actions are useless. In experience, the poor visibility of a site is most often due to content that: Is not well designed, Doesn’t target relevant keywords.


In addition, many companies often tend to forget the “links and social networks” part, thinking that a “nice” site is enough… On the same subject : How to improve your SEO with the semantic cocoon? The 3 questions to ask yourself about your website Examine with the necessary hindsight your website on these 3 dimensions: For its structure : have you chosen a good service provider? A good solution ? Good design? In terms of content : did you use your keywords well? Are you meeting the expectations of your target customer? Did you create the right pages? About links and social networks : how do you animate your site? Who is talking about you on the Internet? What are you doing to get people talking about you?


How Do I Configure The Title Tag?

SEO, a long-term job Getting to the top of the search engines for the keywords you are targeting takes time. Perseverance and a good job are the key words. Obviously, there are rules to follow, a good way to do things … But remember to be consistent with your communication strategy so that all this traffic turns into new customers. Never forget that your offer provides solutions for your customers Never forget the fact that you provide solutions for your customers Create pages that meet needs and write them first, with your prospects in mind. If your home page covers all aspects of your business, Internet users will be lost, and search engines too … It has no chance of being ranked on all these aspects.

On the other hand, by concentrating each of your pages on one aspect, it is easier. And to win, publish an aspect that corresponds to a need of your target. So identify who your customers are. Who do you want to target specifically? Once you have thoroughly answered these questions, you will be able to determine what keywords you are targeting, what content you need to create, and where you can go for backlinks. The work points mentioned above are identical for all sectors of activity. They also work well: If you have an e-commerce site or a showcase site, Whether you are a painter, a consulting firm, a water sports company … It’s a fact: people are looking for you on the internet and you have to make them find you!

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