For example: on all the links inserted by Internet users in your comments. It is also useful for links in advertisements. What is a good backlink? First of all, backlink building isn’t just about quantity, it’s also about quality. This is because no Catalan Email List how many inbound links point to your website, it is more important where those backlinks come from. This is because backlinks are not created equal. A single link from a high authority site like carries more weight than several backlinks from many low authority sites. Your goal with “Off Page SEO” is therefore to get inbound links from websites with strong authority .

So how do you get good quality inbound links? Google speaks of “natural” inbound links. “Natural” backlinks are exactly what their qualifier implies. The owner of a website likes content on another website and naturally adds a link to their website. So, to generate good quality backlinks , you need to create useful and relevant content that other internet users want to cite in their own content. And since this is a “vote of confidence,” you need to do everything first to get people to trust you. And so, here are the 5 winning techniques for successful “Off Page SEO”.


Influencer Marketing: Definition

On the same subject : 200 Google ranking criteria [101 to 125] 5 tactics that work to create quality backlinks 5 tactics that work to create quality backlinks Since you are looking to generate qualified traffic, put yourself in the shoes of your personas (or target customer). Indeed, if you know exactly which websites your personas connect to regularly, you gain efficiency and especially a lot of time. The results are immediate: More mentions for your business, More “natural” backlinks, Greater confidence of your target audience, Diversified inbound links from many sites.


Be present where your customers are Suppose you work for #audreytips. Our target client is an entrepreneur looking to gain visitors and revenue with their website. Our target is therefore essentially composed of: Entrepreneurs or business leaders, Marketing managers within companies. BONUS – Pierre’s persona: the new entrepreneur in Digital Marketing DOWNLOAD These people regularly visit sites like: LinkedIn, Medium … Twitter, Facebook … Reddit, Quora … Join communities and get involved in conversations By joining these communities and getting involved in the discussions, we are promoting #audreytips directly to our target.


Optimization Of E-commerce Functionalities

For example, we answer questions about Quora : Off page SEO: 5 tips to gain quality backlinks We also repost our articles on LinkedIn . Repost your articles on LinkedIn And also on medium . Obviously this is not wild promotion. We are looking to strike up a conversation and resolve their issues. Thus, you get to refer to your product and / or service in the “responses”. I also sometimes do not mention #audreytips. Here is the principle to follow: Always add value to the discussion . In the short term, you get low value inbound links since your links on these platforms are “nofollow”.

This therefore has little direct impact on your SEO. But your direct traffic will increase since you are addressing your target audience … As you go, you are seen as an expert in your field. You earn the trust of your audience. And in the end, some will refer to your content in their articles. Comment intelligently on other content Another tactic is to post comments on other blogs. I’m not talking about copying and pasting standard text or inserting a link wildly in comments. I’m talking about making meaningful, high-value comments – meaning genuine, insightful, and relevant …

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