They conducted their research with the specific intention of finding your ad or finding information related to your business, such as consumer reviews. “Discovery” research People have found your business by performing a generic Great Britain Email List search, such as “plumber nearby” or “pharmacy open now”. They may or may not already know your business. But they did not seek to find you specifically, unlike those who did direct research. This research is general in nature, and often focuses on a specific need and the desire to find a product or service that meets that need.

For information, if the total number of discovery searches is lower than that of direct searches, it means that you need to revisit your approach to local SEO! Indeed, it is better to be visible to new customers rather than relying only on people who already know you. Note : if a user finds your business using different methods, it is counted several times, once for each method used. Queries used to find your establishment Queries used to find your establishment These are the keywords and search terms used by those who found your business on Google.


 They Generate Sales

These data are available in the “Statistics” menu and can be viewed by month and over the last 6 months. They are particularly useful for identifying the queries with which Internet users find your business listing … These are the terms you can then use to optimize the content on your website to gain new customers. Note : Check this data as often as possible to see which search terms are trending and which terms you should use on your website.


Be aware that the Google Search Console also gives search query data. Where do customers see your establishment? Where do customers see your establishment? Thanks to Google My Business statistics, you can see where your impressions on Google come from: From standard Google search, Or from Google Maps. The 2 curves are one above the other. In other words, the totals for each type of impression are added together, which makes the graph a bit misleading. Remember to filter the display by clicking on the items in the legend.


They Grab The Consumer’s Attention

In general, a higher percentage of views in Google Maps suggests that more search users are seeing your business listing on a mobile device. But I advise you to cross this information with that of Google Analytics. Either way, work on optimizing your website on mobile, especially if you work in an industry that receives a lot of traffic from Google Maps, such as a restaurant or hotel. Customer actions Customer actions If you don’t know where to focus your efforts, customer action data helps you determine your future actions.

These show what type of action a user usually performs after viewing your listing: Visit your website, Request itineraries, Call you on the phone … Note : as for the “Where do customers see your business?” Area, you can filter the display by clicking on the items in the legend. But most of all you can use this information to improve your GMB listing and website. In general, too many phone calls mean that your GMB listing and / or website does not provide the information people are looking for. In addition, a route request signifies a clear intention to visit your location.

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