Having a website is not enough, you have to make it known and rank well in Google. For this, SEO in WordPress is of particular importance. I was talking about it to Laurent some time ago, who more or less kept these words to me: Why not ask Daniel Lebanon Email List to speak on the subject. He’s an expert, he knows what he’s talking about. Lapidary, but interesting, Laurent! After various discussions with Daniel and a few weeks of patience, I am therefore pleased to welcome Daniel Roch , founder of SEOMix , consultant on… WordPress and natural referencing (SEO)!

A perfect fit for today’s topic: how to optimize your SEO with WordPress . A high quality and very interesting article, which I recommend you to read carefully and for which I thank Daniel! Table of contents [ show ] WordPress is the world leader in CMS WordPress is the world leader in CMS Indeed, WordPress runs 37% of websites in the world (source: Kinsta ). It also means a content management system market share of 63.6%. The WordPress site creation and content management tool is no longer a secret, although … More and more sites are created using WordPress, but some get lost. Indeed, they ignore the possibilities offered by this tool in terms of natural referencing and visibility.


The Importance Of External Links: Outbound Links And Inbound Links


Making a site visible in WordPress requires a mastery of certain technical tools and above all a good SEO strategy. Different actions are to be carried out in a strategic way in order to optimize its natural referencing thanks to this CMS. Define your objectives and understand the WordPress CMS, Structure your site and think about the internal network, Write SEO optimized content, Create links and make your site popular, Analyze your results using tools. It is precisely this expertise on WordPress that we have developed at SeoMix. Here we are going to give you 5 key steps to success. 1. Define your business goals and understand WordPress Define your business goals and understand WordPress Before optimizing your SEO, it is essential to clearly define or redefine your audience and transformation objectives .


Then, you will be able to define the actions to be carried out at the level of design, ergonomics and structure of the site. Answer your questions Questions should be asked before embarking on the bath of web referencing: What actions should I take so that the user can quickly access my site? How do you manage the structure of your site and your content so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for while answering their query? What are the pages to highlight? Think SEO From this observation, you will be able to think about: On your content strategy, The keywords on which to position yourself, And which pages you want to rank higher in order to be the most visible in search engines.


The Use Of Web Analytics

This is why the WordPress tool will help you in your natural referencing steps. WordPress SEO (Yoast), the plugin designed for your SEO For your natural referencing, the free Yoast SEO extension is essential. With Yoast, you optimize, configure and manage many essential elements for SEO. In short, with the Yoast SEO plugin, you: Manage the titles and descriptions of the pages of your site, Generate a sitemap file, Create a navigation path, Generate information to facilitate sharing on social networks, And since version 11, even structured data is taken into account automatically. Finally, Yoast helps you optimize the URLs of your various content. In addition to all these advantages, Yoast SEO gives you advice regarding the SEO optimization of each of your pages or articles such as: Keyword density, Relevance of titles and H2 tags.

The links… This extension is therefore an important component to manage your web referencing. Once these steps are done, it may be necessary to perform a complete SEO audit of your website in relation to your business. Indeed, on this analysis depends all the following steps to optimize your content, your structure, your links as well as the technical aspects of WordPress. 2. Structure your site: internal networking Structuring your site: internal networking As you know, Google is not friends with content duplication. It therefore represents a brake on referencing.

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