This is the only way to generate qualified traffic. Once you have listed these famous keywords, your goal now is to write high quality content to target these keywords while respecting the user intention induced by them. Let’s imagine that you Tunisia Email List a Digital Marketing agency that offers 3 service offers: Animation of social networks, Creation of a website, Management of online advertising campaigns. Obviously, as a Content Marketing professional, you maintain a blog that you maintain regularly. You write on these subjects by seeking to optimize each article for natural referencing by respecting certain writing rules .

This is a good thing, but is it enough? It’s easy to imagine your site hierarchy looking like this: Agency website Agency blog Social networks: Expert article Website: Expert article Online advertising: Expert article Rather than writing each article by targeting a keyword according to the news or your communication campaigns, why not organize your publications by theme? Organize your publications by topic Such an organization reinforces the internal network, the keywords keep their importance and gain in efficiency. In addition, your content is more hierarchical for your readers.


How Does Ubersuggest Work?

It can be represented as follows: Agency website Agency blog: link to the 3 categories Category “social networks” Reference page “social networks” Article 1: link to the reference page Article 2: link to the reference page Category “website creation” Reference page “Website creation” Article 1: link to the reference page Article 2: link to the reference page Online advertising category “Online advertising” reference page Article 1: link to the reference page Article 2: link to the reference page The thematic silo, how does it work? The thematic silo, how does it work?


Now let’s see some explanations of the thematic silo structure. You must distinguish 3 key elements: The reference page, The articles, And internal links. The referral page usually takes the form of a full article, so it is quite long. As its name suggests, it serves as a reference for an entire theme, and also lists all of the other related articles on this theme. Its content therefore remains broad enough to encompass more specific articles. These articles will deal with practical subjects, news, events related to your business … Their objective is to bring the reference page to life to give it visibility which also provides visibility to the entire blog of your company.


How Does Kwfinder Work?

Each article focuses on a short or long tail keyword. In this way, you respect the notion of silos well and you keep the organization set up at the base with the semantic cocoon. Finally, internal links, or the mesh, connect all of these pages and articles to each other in order to create density, and therefore weight for Google when Internet users type queries related to your field of activity. If we take our example on the Marketing agency, the “online advertising” category therefore has: A reference page presenting the benefits of SEA and how it is beneficial for a business Then specific articles, such as: How to have a successful Facebook ad, 3 tips to reduce your CPC on Google Ads ..

How to set up an SEO strategy with the semantic cocoon? How to set up an SEO strategy with the semantic cocoon? Setting up a semantic cocoon applies in all areas of activity. Let’s take a completely different example that the marketing agency with the field of higher education. For example, the Ynov Paris school offers several training courses. Its entire website is structured around a semantic cocoon and silos that take up the lexical fields of the sectors, with a reference page and more specific subjects that revolve around it. As for the method for structuring your semantic cocoon, there are professional tools to lay the foundations of your strategy. First of all, you need to find the right keywords, including the so-called long tail ones that are gaining in importance.

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