Want to write quality blog posts? Well, I’ll help you out, because I know full well the frustration you can get when you start blogging. You work a lot on your blog. Maybe you already write a lot of articles. You publish them and wait for your readers, Germany WhatsApp Number List  , likes, shares… But nada! Do you want to give visibility to your content on Google? Find our online SEO training “Google Loves Me” ! Possibility of support via CPF (My Training Account) or any other financing device.

Your blog has a similar attendance rate in the Sahara. And it’s not because your content is bad or that you aren’t working hard enough. It’s just that you are not doing the right things. So yes, you reread your articles, correct grammar and spelling mistakes, typos … But that’s not enough, because you have to pay attention to: His titles; Its introduction; The body of his article; Its conclusion; Its layout; Its visuals. And that’s what I suggest you discover in this article. HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST TITLE? The title is surely the most important element of an article.


How To Write A Blog Post Title?

Indeed, if your title does not make you want to click, no one will read your article, even if it is very good. So pay close attention to your headlines if you want to write readable blog posts. 1 / IS THE TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE CLEAR? Does your title clearly share the main idea of ​​your article? Is it clear enough to convey to your readers what they might find in your article? Because your title and your article must have only one main idea. For example, with this article, I am giving you all the keys to writing quality blog posts. 2 / IS THE TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE SPECIFIC?


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Does your title have numbers? You’ve probably noticed it already, but there are many articles that have it. Why ? Because it works. Example : The X best tools for trimming your hedge; The X worst videos on the web; How I got my first X subscribers. 3 / DOES THE TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE OFFER AN ADVANTAGE? To make your readers want to read your article, they need to be able to benefit from it. This is why this type of hook really hooks.


Does The Title Of Your Article Offer An Advantage?

Example : How [future result] in 5 minutes flat? The procedure for [desired outcome]; How [future result] without spending hours there? 4 / DOES THE TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE EVOKE EMOTIONS? As a human being, we are governed by our emotions. Knowing how to play with emotions in your titles is to ensure readers are in spades. What emotions to play on? All of them! Joy, fear, love, sadness… Example: 7 shocking mistakes that are literally killing your blog Do you know these 3 simple exercises to quickly relieve back pain?

DOES THE TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE INCLUDE KEYWORDS? To rank well on Google, your articles must contain a certain volume of keywords. Your title should also have your main keyword. There are several SEO tools to help you. I recommend Yoast SEO , which is simple and efficient. You can also simply ask yourself if your title corresponds to what Internet users are looking for. If so, you are on the right track!

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