For example, the higher the volume of searches for “#audreytips” on Google, the more powerful my brand will be. From a certain threshold – which must surely depend on your competitors – Google activates the criteria related to brands. Brands Timor Leste Email List the right to several results If you do a Google search that is related to a brand, Google doesn’t hesitate to show you multiple results related to the brand’s domain name.

This is inconsistent with its principle of wanting to offer diversity in results, but consistent with its desire to highlight the major brands which, let’s be honest, do not necessarily need it. The presence of a mark in the link text A hyperlink, like for example I like Coco Chanel , which contains the name of a brand, carries more weight (much more) than a classic link without the citation of a brand. My advice : develop your press relations which generate backlinks to your brand name. Quotes from a brand outside of backlinks Be aware that quotes for your brand outside of a hyperlink are also valuable, as we’ll see next.


What Is The Domain Authority (Da) Of A Website?

To get an idea of ​​whether your business is a brand or not, Google also looks at mentions of your brand without any associated hyperlink. As for example in this sentence, where I mention Facebook, without linking to Facebook. The site has a lot of likes on its Facebook page Google assumes that brands tend to have a Facebook page and that in general their pages have a lot of likes (“likes”). My advice : to reinforce the signal that your company is a brand, animate the Facebook pro page of your company. And then, work over time by having a qualitative approach to have many likes on your Facebook page.


The site has a Twitter account with a lot of followers In English, “follow” means to follow. On Twitter, we talk about “followers”, that is to say followers for a given account. Still in the same vein as the previous criterion, if your business site has an associated Twitter account, with a huge number of followers, this sends a strong signal to Google that you are a brand. My advice : it goes without saying. Create an account on Twitter. Link it to your website and accumulate as many followers as possible (always in a qualitative approach and by banning all spam operations).


How Is Domain Authority Calculated?

The presence of a company page on LinkedIn Still with the idea of ​​identifying brands, Google also checks for the presence of a company page on LinkedIn. My advice : Create a business page on LinkedIn and link it to your business website. The presence of employees who indicate they work for your company on LinkedIn In line with the previous point, some SEO experts believe that Google analyzes even if there are employees in your company who indicate that they work for your company on LinkedIn. This would again be a signal that this is a brand.

Obviously, this criterion indirectly influences your SEO: first of all by pushing Google to consider you as a brand, and subsequently, by allowing your business site to be boosted in its search results. My advice : ask your employees to create a profile on LinkedIn, to indicate that they work for your company and also to follow your company page on LinkedIn. The legitimacy of accounts on social networks Google takes into account the level of legitimacy of your company’s social media accounts. Roughly speaking, it’s a bad sign for a Twitter account with 10,000 followers if: No one ever retweets or likes your tweets, Or you only tweet once a year!

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