You too have noticed it if you’ve been traveling the web like me for a few years. Every day new content creators are launching themselves to reap their pieces of the pie. Every day new videos are posted, blogs are created and podcasts listened to. How to stand out China WhatsApp Number List this crowd? Every day, content creators try to market themselves and grab the attention of their audience. Trainer training The only thing is, we ALL need to share our content to make ourselves known.

And there are a lot of people on the market now, between the 7 year old kid who shares his Call of Duty videos and proves to you that he is much better than you at installing Photoshop for free, the creator who collects the gold and the glory of the platform and made thousands of views, all new, and you. That’s a lot of people … Worse, it’s a real war. Yes, we are at War. At war to get people’s attention. And the juggernaut who has won the day for a few years in this war, no matter your theme, no matter how hard you may give yourself, no matter what platform you use, he remains unassailable.


The Best Known And The Most Neglected

Because he understood well what works today, it is Netflix… (Yes, it is not always what one thinks…). Instead of watching your videos, reading your emails (or even sleeping !!), your client is watching the new season of La Casa de Papel. He has his attention completely stuck on his series (we’ll see in detail how they get there), and maybe you’ve already had sleepless nights. We are at war friend. All content creators and artists of modern times are affected by this phenomenon and must equip themselves with the courage to lead their battle and hope to conquer a territory large enough to feed their ambition and their hope for freedom … Prepare yourself sailor, because what we are going to see today is bar gold.

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PRINCIPLES THAT WILL STEAL YOUR PROSPECT’S ATTENTION AND BUILD LOYALTY THROUGH YOUR CONTENT What drives people crazy, what scoops them up and keeps them going all the way, is a combination of several principles. Yes I will never talk to you about technique, because you have no time to waste training yourself every 4 moons on new algorithms, the principles are eternal and the best investment you can make in terms of knowledge for your business .


To Retain Your Members, You Must Feed Their Pride

Why can you spend so much time at the movies? Reading a book of several hundred pages? To prefer watching netflix rather than sleeping! What is the secret recipe that all the best content creators keep in the vault to make so many bestsellers (the last one alone was enough to screw over 65 million people…)? 1- THEY USE DISTRACTION You have a good time on the content, it allows you to occupy yourself and pass the time. It’s the BABA of good content. Content that distracts is content where you don’t get bored. Man needs distraction, because boredom is a horrible enemy to fight.

Think of your content as food. We all need to eat, just like we all need to be distracted. And we are ready to pay a lot to eat well just as we are ready to pay a lot to be distracted (Netflix subscription, cinema…). For information, in the first quarter of 2019, Netflix achieved a turnover of 4.52 billion dollars. In 2020, with containment, the platform reached more than 5.8 billion. People are bored and want to be distracted even if it means paying for it. In the days of kings, there was indeed the “king’s jester”, troubadours, to distract them, to sing, or to get beaten up.

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