Are you sure you are entrusting your SEO project to the right person? The relationship between an SEO agency and its client only works fully when both parties dare to ask questions, answer them transparently and take an Luxembourg Email Addresses in the work of the other. These questions can be very many and varied depending on your maturity in the field of SEO. In addition, the consultant must also know your industry and your profession. In short, the discovery phase is the first milestone before even embarking on an SEO audit carried out by an agency.

This SEO analysis can even prove to be counterproductive and steer the project in the wrong direction without going through this question-and-answer phase. So, never neglect the first exchanges with your project manager and all the stakeholders. Would it be a shame to miss out on an opportunity to gain visibility and generate leads just for a simple lack of communication? I had the opportunity to speak with François Besson , Content Manager at 1ère position , who gave me a bit of a description of their SEO audit process. Without going into the technical details of the audit itself, I suggested that François list some questions that your SEO agency should ask you at the start of the collaboration.


What Products Or Services Do You Offer?


Obviously, this is a non-exhaustive list. Each case is specific. One thing is certain, you will have to answer it. Contents [ display ] 1. How do you describe your activity to a neophyte? Our English speaking friends or recent business school graduates would say: what is your “elevator pitch”? This argument of a few tens of seconds consists in presenting oneself, an idea or a company. Question not so trivial as it seems since it lists words, concepts, expressions…. In short, full of very useful information for a fairly broad keyword research. 2. What is the mission of your company?


What is the mission of your company? Generally, there are 2 types of answers to this question: An extremely precise answer : the company’s mission is clearly identified and is already formulated in internal documents (marketing plan, brand platform). The SEO agency will therefore rely on this mission to base its analysis and apply a coherent strategy. A rather vague answer : the mission is not clearly identified. This question should push you to formulate your company’s mission in a more concrete way in order to simplify the natural referencing work to come.


What Are The Resources Dedicated To Your Website?

What keywords and phrases do you associate with your brand? Chances are, the SEO agency will take care of optimizing existing content, expanding it, and creating new pages to maximize your visibility on the queries that really matter to you. Thus, the editor in charge of your project must know the words and expressions that you want to associate with your brand and on which you want to appear on the first page of Google. It can also be a baseline, a slogan, a credo.

This work on the terms will be useful not only for the web editor, but also for the project manager who will integrate them in his study of keywords and in the drafting of the naming charter. It appears in Google search results pages. It consists of the title (also called title), the meta description and the URL. The naming charter is essential to build the semantics of your website. 4 . What are your goals and KPIs? What are your goals and KPIs? Each SEO strategy is and absolutely must remain unique. This is also the case for any Digital Marketing strategy.

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