PUBLISHED ON MARCH 4, 2020 BYAUTHOR AUDREY TIPS11 COMMENTS What’s the secret to ranking your business website in the top 10 Google results? Have you ever asked yourself this question? And the most common answer is to acquire backlinks. Which is quite true. However, like a sports car, the backlinks or “Backlink” are only Netherlands Email List to boost an engine already optimized to win races. In other words, before acquiring any link, you will have to make sure of the optimization of your engine. I discussed this analogy with Kevin Bodin who runs an Affiliate YouTube channel .

And this is what Kevin started to tell me: Indeed, wanting to generate traffic is good. But identifying what kind of traffic is better. And it starts with the keywords. Given his enthusiasm during our conversation and the relevance of his words, I suggested that he write an article here. Contents [ display ] When traffic doesn’t mean anything! When traffic doesn’t mean anything! According to the number of related searches and the quantity of articles dealing with the subject, it would seem that “getting traffic to your site” is one of the major concerns of entrepreneurs (or Digital Marketing agencies). The question is perfectly legitimate. It is, however, incomplete. Ask yourself the following question: “what is the purpose of your site?”.


When Traffic Doesn’t Mean Anything!

Do you need to generate: Maximum traffic, X leads per day, or X euros per month. Your answer is surely among the last 2. And as paradoxical as it may seem, it does not necessarily correlate with the evolution of your traffic. And this for the following reason, there are mainly 2 types of traffic: The qualified traffic , ready to buy your products and services, And passing traffic , just looking for information. Therefore, your goal as a business is to target the right internet users. How to generate qualified traffic? How to generate qualified traffic? First of all, start by carefully choosing the keywords on which you want to rank on Google. For example, it makes more sense to seek to position yourself on searches with strong commercial intent , rather than generic and / or overly general keywords.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of keywords to aim for: Cheap, In line, To buy, Comparative, Quote, Better… To illustrate my point, take the case of a travel agency in Vietnam. 1. The choice of a broad query KWfinder – The choice of a broad query In the first case, this travel agency can choose to position itself on the query “travel to Vietnam” which accumulates 3,100 monthly searches. However, there is no indication of what the Internet user is actually looking for. Indeed, the Internet user who makes this request can also be: A “backpacker” fishing for information for his future backpacking trip. That someone curious to know more about Vietnam, following a documentary that she watched on TV.


How To Generate Qualified Traffic?

An example of a more targeted query KWfinder – An example of a more targeted query Now, let’s focus on the query “Vietnam travel price” which generates a monthly volume of 80 searches. Admittedly, the number of searches is much lower. However, the probability that the Internet user will fill out a form to obtain an estimate of the cost of his stay is much higher. To find out the number of searches for a keyword or a very specific query, there are different software such as: Ranxplorer , SECockpit , Or KWfinder … For this article I am using KWfinder for which you will find a complete tutorial by clicking here . The other (lesser known) advantage of these keywords is that they are generally much less competitive.

This means that you will be able to position yourself more easily in the first results of Google. This is far from negligible when you know the cost that an SEO campaign can represent on keywords with very strong competition. Moreover, to know the competition on a request, KWFinder simplifies your task by also giving you a competition indicator. To take our example of the travel agency in Vietnam, we can clearly see that the competition index: For “trip to Vietnam” is 40, While for “Vietnam travel price” it is 23. This confirms my point. With more targeted keywords, you rank more easily on Google. In addition, they will generate more leads and / or more sales. To sum up this chapter, to reach the first page of Google your first job is to find keywords and queries with strong business intent. Learn to speak the language of Google

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