Need to modernize your website, but worried about losing some of your traffic? This is not on the agenda for #audreytips. But who knows! This topic of website redesign, I discussed last week with Laurent : Redesigning your site is necessary every 2 or 3 years. There are a number of key points to consider in order to succeed in this type of project. Including Natural Referencing, always SEO … Getting it right when redesigning a professional website is a Kuwait Email List way to stand out from your competitors. The web is constantly evolving, it is essential to redesign your website when it becomes too old. However, be careful to maintain your positions on the search engines. You will have to modify

pages and links between these pages which will have an impact on the quality of the content of your website. It would be a shame to lose all the natural referencing that you have acquired so hard. Today, I have the great pleasure of welcoming Jules Miquet to talk to us about the issue behind the redesign of a website seen from the SEO side. Jules gives us details of the 5 reasons to think about SEO before launching headlong into the redesign of your website. Contents [ display ] 1. Because SEO is the common thread of your redesign The site tree The site tree When it comes to SEO, the tree structure of your website is decisive. Indeed, the tree structure constitutes the fundamental pillar of your site.


Because Thinking About Seo After The Redesign Is Already Too Late!

It defines all the consistency of your navigation. It is therefore important to do a complete job on the tree structure of your site before embarking on a redesign. First of all, you need to do an audit of the navigation of your previous website. This will allow you to dissect the pages you have, find those that worked well and conversely those that were not of interest. Make sure your new tree follows the three-click rule correctly. It is a rule of ergonomic web design. Each Internet user should be able to find the information they are looking for in less than three clicks from the home page of your website. We must therefore think about a judicious tree structure to promote the user experience and not hesitate to make many categories of pages.


But also the internal mesh Internal linking is an SEO technique to improve the positioning of certain pages by promoting them through internal links. Once your tree structure has been completed, you will have to carry out a so-called internal networking strategy. Indeed, internal networking is, in Marketing, a technique for organizing internal links within your website . Its usefulness is to link pages on similar themes and to simplify navigation between your pages. But its predominant role is the optimization of Natural Referencing. Internal linking is an SEO technique to improve the positioning of certain pages by promoting them through internal links. Since the home page is the most popular.


Conclusion On Seo For A Website Redesign

linking this page to another strategic page gives it a lot of importance. The optimization of the internal mesh makes it possible to distribute what is called Link juice in our website. Indeed, this SEO technique offers the possibility of distributing the popularity of our home page judiciously on strategic pages. Be careful not to deteriorate the effectiveness of your internal links by multiplying them. 2. Because your site will be Google Friendly Because your site will be Google Friendly Thinking about SEO before redesigning your website allows you to have a site called “Google Friendly”. Google is a fairly strict search engine on the optimization rules expected to have a website that ranks better than the others.

A site with a well-structured theme 5 Reasons To Think About SEO Before A Website Redesign It is important to have a properly structured site theme / design. That is to say that the headings (or title headers in French) must be standardized . To be clearer, it is important to respect the order h1> h2> h3> h4… for your titles. The most important information must be written in h1 while the weakest could be in h5. These writing processes have a significant impact on natural referencing and must therefore be taken into account before the redesign. A site that loads quickly! A Google friendly site also involves an optimization of the loading of the pages of your website.

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