Your content marketing strategy will thus be a lever for the growth of your business. MEASURE THE RESULTS Once your content has been written, optimized and distributed on different communication channels, do not forget to monitor the KPIs selected upstream according to your objectives. You can then measure your return on investment and know the Poland Phone Number List or not of your content (example: number of visits, traffic sources, conversion rate, positioning of your pages, etc.)

Some tips for your content marketing strategy Write content regularly, search engines will grant you special authority if you regularly post quality content on your website. This makes it easier to go up in search results and gain visibility with your targets. Choose relevant and searched keywords to optimize your content. Creating a blog on your website is an ideal solution to build an editorial strategy and publish content regularly. To reach a larger audience, share and distribute your content on social networks. This will increase your website traffic through this traffic source and improve your online reputation.


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Stay up to date on the news of your sector of activity, this gives you ideas for your content. Write content where you are comfortable, on topics where you are an expert. Do not hesitate to give tips or advice to your audience on your sector of activity to bring added value to your content. Write your content internally, by a freelance or by an agency? Content marketing is a long-term strategy. Studies have shown that companies that integrate content into their marketing strategy get more traffic and qualified leads. However, creating content can be complicated and companies don’t always have the in-house resources to take care of it.


Several solutions are available to you, each with its advantages. USE YOUR RESOURCES INTERNALLY The person who knows your business, your services and your products best is you. According to this logic, you are therefore the best person to write your content and thus consolidate your company’s expertise in its field. Relying on your internal resources allows you to keep control of your content and your content marketing strategy. If you do not have the internal resources to write your content and you do not want to recruit, it may be useful to outsource this task with a freelance or an agency specializing in web marketing .


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WORK WITH A FREELANCE Generally, working with a freelancer is the cheapest solution to write your content. Freelancers are more flexible than agencies, in fact they work on fewer projects at a time than an agency. An ideal solution if you want to have content around a particular theme written by an expert. However, sometimes if you can’t find an expert in your field the first time it can quickly waste your time and cost you money. USE A WEB MARKETING AGENCY Content marketing is personal, but sometimes the business is short on time and prefers to focus on the business.

Working with an agency to write your content saves time and increases your marketing strength by diversifying the media to be produced: videos, blog articles, newsletters, infographics … Respect the deadlines of your projects by going through an agency Web marketing. This also ensures you control over the quality of your content through expert multi-skill teams capable of writing your content while optimizing it for SEO. Do not hesitate to call on specialized digital agencies and ask them for a digital marketing quote for your content marketing.

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