Develop a better strategy for your social networks Develop a better strategy for your social networks The social networks are indispensable platforms for the acquisition of new prospects. For this, you have 2 areas of work: Develop your notoriety , But also generate traffic with the links inserted in your publications on social networks. But Sierra Leone Email List accounts is very time consuming. To save you time, SEMrush has a feature to schedule your posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Pinterest. SEMrush’s Social Media Toolkit also has an image editor and link shortener, not to mention the performance analysis of your posts.

On the same subject : 5 frequently asked questions about the SEMrush tool 5. Never run out of ideas for your content Never run out of ideas for your content I am sure you have already experienced it. You arrive in front of your PC at the office not knowing what to write about today. Admit it, it happens to me too. To avoid the problem of a blank sheet , SEMrush offers a list of words associated with your topic . From this list, you will be able to define your priorities on the keywords to work on! Based on the keywords you used for your online articles, SEMrush determines the so- called “hot” trending topics and therefore a priori generator of high traffic.


Be Careful, It Will Get Complicated

Always remember that quality over quantity on the Internet . So by writing on a subject that does not interest many people, you risk not attracting the attention of your readers and this will be felt in the time of reading your article. My advice : devote yourself to topics that are relevant to Internet users . However, even if SEMrush finds the best topics to cover, feel free to validate its suggestions with Google Trends . 6. Analyze trends in your industry Analyze trends in your industry Although Google knows how to find the most popular queries on the Internet, it is rather weak in giving you an accurate analysis of your market .


With SEMrush, you analyze the evolution of your market. You compare with other markets or even identify an emerging market to identify new opportunities beneficial to your SEO . My advice : work on a nascent market as soon as your competitors start to do it too. Thus, you will have more new visits. 7. Work effectively alone or in a team You know that “time is money”. To become more efficient, the best way is to divide the work into several stages by setting a daily goal to achieve. With SEMrush, you can additionally add your team members to manage your campaigns .


The Influence Of Mobile

With its calendar, you delegate tasks within your team. By sharing your projects, your employees will be able to participate in them in complete safety , or even give you advice . Finally, the community of SEMrush users is very active . This is one of the strengths of the platform on which the developers rely to improve it. 8. Train for free with the SEMrush Academy SEMrush Academy: free online training Training in Digital Marketing techniques is often expensive. With its academy, you have all the resources to train yourself and your employees. Indeed, who is better placed than the designers of a platform to explain how it works?

In order to show you the seriousness of the platform, to obtain your certification for free, you must pass an exam. Rest assured, you will have no trouble making the most of the considerable time savings that you and your team will gain. 9. Benefit from top customer service Here is a detail that is important … Customer Service . Indeed, most companies, even the best known, neglect this point by devoting their energy to their platform while neglecting the customer experience .

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