Your duplications of “Title” tags, All duplications of meta description, Your duplications of “HN” subtitle title tags, Your alt image attribute duplications … 5. The bounce rate and duration of visits You are very well positioned on a strategic Saint Lucia Email List for your activity: bravo! However, you notice that this page has a high bounce rate and / or a low visit time. It’s possible that : The content is not adapted to the search intentions of the users, Your internal networking does not encourage them to browse other pages of your site, The site loading time is too high, A page is not user friendly … Monitoring and analyzing these 2 indicators is very useful for identifying the pages to optimize.

Then, analyze your targets to identify your areas for improvement and build your content marketing strategy . 6. Indexing of pages You’ve been working hard for several months to regularly post content. After a quick visit to your Search Console, you notice with horror that not all of your pages are indexed. This may be due to a crash in your robots.txt file . To identify these potential coverage problems, regularly monitor this indexing indicator. In addition, all the pages are not necessarily intended to be indexed. If you use tags on your business blog , chances are good that it will create duplicate content and poor quality pages at the same time.


Competitive Intelligence: Definition And Advantages


By tracking your indexing, you identify potential issues and can de-index worthless pages. 7. Referring domains and backlinks The quality of your backlinks is an important criterion for your SEO. It helps Google see your website as a trusted and authoritative site. In netlinking, most SEOs agree that quality takes precedence over quantity. Indeed, not all backlinks are beneficial to SEO. A link from an authority site does not have the same impact as a link from an obscure directory with a lot of duplicate content. So, to follow your netlinking: Check the quality of your backlinks (spam rate, theme, link on the home …)


Check your link attribute ratio (Nofollow / Dofollow), Measure the evolution of your domain authority and your “Trust Flow” which assesses the confidence index of a web page , Watch for your potential loss of referring domains. On the same subject : The 3 strategic objectives of SEO 5 tools to monitor your SEO indicators 5 tools to monitor your SEO indicators As with all web marketing campaigns, monitoring SEO performance indicators is essential. The use of suitable software is also useful. Wondering what software to use to track your SEO actions? Here are 5 tools to facilitate the analysis of your SEO KPIs.


Spyfu To Download The Most Profitable Keywords And Ads From Your Competitors

Google tools SEO tools in general can be quite expensive. When you are starting a freelance or want to train yourself in SEO, it can be complicated to invest in all these tools. The advantage of Google tools is that they are free and that they allow you to do a lot of things: Google Analytics to track the micro data of your site, Google Search Console, in particular to check the status of your indexing, Test My Site to get the loading time of your web pages, Mobile friendly to make sure your site is mobile friendly . 2. Screaming frog or the ally of on-site analysis 2. Screaming frog or the ally of on-site analysis Screaming Frog is a powerful crawling tool that allows you to identify in particular.

Your duplicated content, The status of your pages (404 error, 301 or 302 redirect), The state of their indexation. In addition to the above indicators, Screaming Frog offers a multitude of on-site and off-site analysis possibilities. On the other hand, to take advantage of all its features, it is necessary to purchase a paid license. 3. Ahrefs: the perfect tool for off-site analysis 3. Ahrefs: the perfect tool for off-site analysis Ahrefs , or its competitor Majestic SEO , are very useful for tracking your netlinking campaigns. With Ahrefs, you will in particular: Follow the evolution of your domain authority, Analyze the quality of your backlinks, Track your positions, Estimate the potential of a keyword … Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial version for less than 10 €. On the other hand, after this period, you will have to pay € 99 per month (for the cheapest offer).

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