I know that as an entrepreneur you all strive to stand out from the competition. This is also one of the themes I often discuss on Laos Email List . So when I read Aurélie Desprez’s email offering me an article on SEO and competitive analysis, I first looked at her profile on LinkedIn . We learn that, even though Aurélie lives in London, she works as a freelance for companies on the continent, such as the online termination service Sepastop . Seems like a good start to me. But what about his topic on competitive analysis versus SEO?

I spoke to Laurent about it and this is what he answered: In SEO, it is not a question of fighting against Google but against its own competitors. Identifying their strengths and weaknesses allows you to gauge the efforts that any entrepreneur must make if he wants to win the game on Digital Marketing. Do you want to create an effective SEO strategy? So start by thoroughly studying your opponents, their strengths and weaknesses. And that’s what Aurélie told me when I contacted her.


Analyze The Presence On Social Networks Of Your Competitors

Contents [ display ] Why do an SEO competition analysis? Analyzing SEO competition is an essential step in any SEO campaign launch. With a thorough competitive analysis, you assess the difficulty of a market. Thus, you can estimate the efforts (and the expenses!) To put in place to obtain the desired positioning in the search engine results pages. Indeed, most SEO specialists may agree on the best practices to adopt, the dosage of each ingredient can vary greatly depending on the sector. Not doing a web audit of your competitors is like going blind, without a clear idea of ​​who you are tackling.


Are you wondering how to go about analyzing the SEO of your competitors? Follow the leader ! Here are 5 simple steps to performing a competitive SEO analysis. 1. Identify your main competitors Identify your main competitors First of all, you need to identify your SEO competitors. These are not necessarily your direct competitors. This is because your SEO competitors are the pages that are present in the search results for the keywords you are targeting. Obviously, you need your main keywords , which you have previously identified through keyword research. Simply enter these words-into the Google search engine. Then, find the sites that appear on the first page.


Analyze Your Seo Competition With The Link Profile

Chances are you will see the same sites appear over and over again for your keywords. Write them down carefully. The websites behind these pages are your SEO competitors. Warning : for this first essential step to be valid, it is necessary to have targeted the right keywords, that is to say keywords that are not too generic, corresponding precisely to your products or services. Take the example of my client Sepastop , a specialist in online termination. The keyword “termination” corresponds to the business sector of the company. On the other hand, it is very generic. Keywords such as “SFR termination letter” or “Canal Plus termination” are much more relevant. 2. Check your competitors’ Moz and Majestic SEO scores.

Analyze your SEO competition with Moz and Majestic SEO scores Once you’ve established that list of sites, the good news is that there’s an easy and effective way to get instant insight into how strong your competition is. To do this, trust one of the 2 scores that refer to: Moz’s Domain Authority, Or the Trust Flow of Majestic SEO. Indeed, since Google no longer publishes its PageRank, these 2 indicators have become real references for all SEO experts.

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