Accessible to both amateurs and professionals, blogs present themselves as spaces of expression on which we can publish all kinds of content. From Cambodia WhatsApp Number List to marketing, including video games, fashion, business and even travel, all themes can be tackled … as long as you have relevant and useful things to say! So, how do you get started and create your personal blog? Creating a blog is no longer difficult in 2020.

But where to start and what methods to put in place so that it is consulted as much as possible, that it meets real success and that it can eventually make money? Webmarketing training Here are some 10 (+3) essential tips for getting started in blogging and creating a successful Blog . 1 – UNDERSTAND HOW A PERSONAL BLOG WORKS Whether one takes the point of view of a professional or an amateur, the blog always presents itself as a space for expressing oneself on the web .


Engage In Dialogue With Your Community To Build Loyalty

For companies, it is used above all to promote products and / or services (directly or indirectly, because blogs remain a very good lever to gain visibility on search engines). For amateurs, the personal blog is sufficient on its own . It does not necessarily come in addition to a showcase site or an online sales store. It is then a question of writing articles while seeking as much as possible to capture the attention of Internet users, without forgetting to encourage them to react in the comments and to publicize the blog around them, in particular via social networks.

Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

The definition of a personal blog is based both on the regularity of the publications (a blog is updated regularly, unlike a website which has “cold pages” which remain identical over the months or years) and on the subjectivity of the speech . Each blogger will express his feelings and his opinion , which is what makes the added value of his site! 2 – DETERMINE AN EDITORIAL LINE If you’ve decided to embark on the blogging adventure , you probably know what you want to share. You are going to create a personal blog around a theme that interests you particularly, on which you know that you have a legitimacy. In order to guide you in your publications, you must start by identifying your editorial line .


Establish Partnerships With Other Influencers To Shine On The Web

At this point, ask yourself several questions: what topics are you going to cover? What is your position vis-à-vis these themes? What can you bring with your testimonials and personal experience? Also think about all the practical questions relating to the tone you are going to adopt . For the sake of consistency, you must ensure that it is regular: do not start talking to your readers only to address them a few weeks later! 3 – CLEARLY IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET Once you know what you are going to talk about, think about the profile of the people who are interested in your talk .

All influential bloggers are well aware of the social and demographic characteristics of their readers, and this allows them to adapt their content, or even choose the business partnerships that seem most appropriate. The more you know your target, the more likely you are to advance your blog, by posting articles that answer their questions and needs. 4 – CHOOSE YOUR CMS AND START CREATING THE SITE You will be able to start creating your personal blog quickly enough, once you have chosen your CMS. These content management systems allow you to have a site ready to use , which you just need to customize to become your own blog.

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